Flying Guillotine: TF2 [Commentary] Cleaver Scout





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Published on Aug 4, 2012

Closer look at the Flying Guillotine from the Triad TF2 update

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Muta Smith
Did you know the writing on the flying guillotine is "dead meat" in Chinese?
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Alpha Compa
Baby face blaster + flying guilotine + sandman= Lil epicness
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I had to trade three weapons for the guillotine. worth it.
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4:39 So it's... not as clumsy or random as a blaster?
its awesome having a DOT throwaway weapon. But im pretty sure scouts in general know how awesome it is to pick off that one enemy trying to flee with a few well placed pistol shots.
I love the guillotine, even though I'm terrible with it. I like using it with a Soda Popper for bonus mini-crits, because each bleed hit is a mini-crit too! The damage output + recharge time with one of these is scary high if your aim is good.
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Reasons why I don't use the Sandman when holding the Guillotine: 1. People mostly hit the first strike with the ball but miss the Guillotine a lot because most players just see it coming. Might as well just go for the Guillotine right away instead of dealing no damage and losing your element of surprise. 2. All the ball does is a potential crit at long range, might as well just throw the guillotine and finish them off with your gun for the same amount of damage but FAR more reliability. I've been able to kill so many scouts just because they were derping around trying to do this combo when they could've just shot me instead. 3. Guillotine always does damage no matter the distance. Learn to time your throws so you can hit a guillotine and a meatshot in the same second, surprise killing almost every one with minimal danger. No ball needed. 4. The bat's health reduction is devastating on scout, and without a pistol you won't have a emergency weapon at all giving you extremely low survivability. 5. Scout's melee slot is very valuable and all his melee weapons have a good reason to be used without any downsides, making the sandman poor in comparison. 6. People panic when they get hit by a guillotine and start bleeding, making them easier to kill. Somehow this doesn't seem the case with the sandman, people are surprisingly good at dodging while stunned. 7. The ball recharges way slower then the Guillotine does, making you decide weather you will wait for your ball or go in with just the cleaver. Doubt is always bad in fast-paced FPS games. And boy you don't want any doubts when playing as a scout; confidence is often key. I've seen so many good players lose because they were too distracted with trying to do the combo instead of just doing what feels best for the situation. 8. And about confidence: Missing a Guillotine after a ball is frustrating and can effect your playstyle if it happens too often. If you only miss just the Guillotine it doesn't feel like such a big deal as it comes back twice as fast as the ball does and just feels far more reliable, making sure you stay at the top of your game. And that's the full list how I think the Sandman has gotten pretty worthless over the years. If they added a quicker weapon switch to show it's combo potential it would be leagues better, but for now the sandman is part of a 2-man team where it's near useless on it's own while the Guillotine does just fine in any situation without the ball. Making the sandman one of the least versatile weapon in the scouts arsenal.
Cheezy E
Wow Star You are the one who inspires me to play Scout!
Kevin Darielle Lopez
can you add friend me in tf2 my name is landerkerv i have sandman and fliying goilotine
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I am happy to watch this today.
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