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Uploaded on Feb 8, 2011

Islam and Islamophobia for Dummies. Three Things About Islam, Taqiyya, Sharia Law, Jihad Debunked Refuted Exposed Response to three things you probably didn't know about Islam.

German http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpK-bO...
This is a video response to TheWhiteR0ses video Three Things About Islam. Their video description says Three surprising things you probably didn't know about Islam. Now, these 3 things are very surprising, especially to Muslims, because we've never heard of them before. As anti-Islamic propaganda, these ridiculous ideas are nothing new.
To refute TheWhiteR0ses video, we have to go no further than their own sources and referenced Quranic verses.
So now let's address their 3 false claims in reverse order:

FULL TRANSCRIPT FROM http://www.muhaddith.org/islamicvideos

The Quran supposedly commands Muslims to lie about our violent goals using something called Taqiyya.

From TheWhiteR0ses video description, following the link to one of their sources http://newstime.co.nz/three-things-ab..., the reference used to prove that Muslims supposedly lie to promote our religion http://schnellmann.org/taqiyyah.html says that taqiyya has something to do with the Shia minority.

The vast majority of Muslims have never heard what the heck " Taqiyya " is, so let's examine the wikipedia reference from TheWhiteR0ses video description:
wikipedia.org/taqiyya : Taqiyya is a practice in Shia Islam whereby adherents may conceal their faith when they feel that they are under threat, persecution or compulsion.

And even for the Shia minority, their vast majority Twelvers (according to wikipedia's own reference #6 http://www.al-islam.org/encyclopedia/... ), according to Imam Khomeini : " Taqiyya is permitted ONLY when one's LIFE is jeopardized " but when " Islam is in danger, it is NOT permitted even if it leads to one's death ".

Now let's watch The White Roses 3rd distortion of their OWN references about taqiyya :
TheWhiteR0ses : While most other religions speak highly of truthfulness the Qur'an instructs Muslims to lie to non-Muslims about their beliefs and their political ambitions to protect and spread Islam.
And again according to TheWhiteR0ses own references, the Sunni majority, and the majority of Shia, completely reject the concept of hiding our beliefs TO PROMOTE our religion ...

The Quran supposedly commands Muslims to replace all governments with Sharia law.

From TheWhiteR0ses video description, following the link to their same source,
http://newstime.co.nz/three-things-ab... we can see that their reference for Islam's supposed objective of establishing sharia law is part of a sentence from the Quran 8:39 "...and that religion should be ONLY for Allah". Not only is the term sharia absent from this entire verse, it's also not surprising that Islam haters can only quote a partial phrase of the Quran. The context starts in the previous verse, as shown in our video response to Geert Wilders " Fitna ":

So let's see TheWhiteR0ses distort this verse to the opposite meaning:
TheWhiteR0ses : It is the duty of every Muslim to keep striving until all governments have been converted to Shari'a law.

So not only does TheWhiteR0ses referenced verse (Quran 8:39) have absolutely nothing do with sharia, but it even offers the persecutors forgiveness IF THEY CEASE from trying to force THEIR religion ON Muslims!

TheWhiteR0ses have not merely taken the verse "out of context", they have distorted the meaning to the exact opposite of what the verse says!


The Quran supposedly abrogated peaceful and tolerant verses with violent verses later.

From TheWhiteR0ses video description, following the link to their other source,
we can see that their reference for the Quran's supposed abrogation of peaceful and tolerant verses, is not from a single Islamic scholar or site, but from their own dishonest misrepresentations.
First they point out Q 2:256 that "There is no compulsion in religion" in Islam, which they expect us to believe has been abrogated by which verse? Yup, you guessed it (Q 8:39) the same verse we just showed to forgive persecutors if they stop trying to force their religion on Muslims. And not surprisingly, this hyperlink leads to 10 translations of the verse, not one of which contains their false translation of " fight them until only Allah is worshiped ".

In conclusion


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