Avatar: Breath of Life [CLOSED] (2,000 SUBSCRIBERS?!?!?) *DEADLINE 14/07/12*





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Published on Jun 27, 2012

*EDIT 28/06/12: OMG IT'S CLOSED!! Wow. Seriously guys, that was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Please please don't hate me - it was in the description a billion times that's not first come first served. So ummm I'm going to find a perfect song, and open another one SOON, and it will have LOADS of parts and be open to EVERYONE (no reserveds) okay?? Sorry!! Thank you all for understanding ♥

*EDIT: Going to bed, so I'll pick parts in the morning? That gives you PLENTY of time to read this really long description xD*


Um, wow. So I totally have just gotten 2000 subscribers. That's...400 subscribers since two days ago. I can't even...AHHHH.
... *breathe Dannie!!*

So um, because this came MUCH quicker than I was expecting, I'm uploading an Avatar MEP to celebrate, because it's all I could think of.
BUT - if you can think of something more epic for me to do (preferably something I haven't done yet) - then I'll do it! Like, I dunno...cinnamon challenge or something. Oh god. Please don't suggest that hahaha

♕ NOW FIRST OFF - for those of you who haven't seen my MEPs before...they're pretty epic. So there are VERY high standards of being allowed in here. Sorry, but experienced editors only. But hey, you'll all be able to join eventually, haha I constantly post MEPs ^^
You also must read the rules.

♕ ANNNNDDDD I know there are a whole bunch of reserved parts. PLEASE don't pester me about them - I want my best youtube friendsies in here, and I would hate for them to miss out :( You all know how it is. So please please please don't tell me I'm mean and horrible because I'm really too stressed out to have all that right now :(

ALSO, I know the song is pitched and it doesn't sound as fun as the original. But still, I take extra care when it comes to you guys and MEP parts, because I would hate for one of you to get copyright infringements because of me :( But it's been stuck in my head since I saw Snow White and the Huntsman, so I'll be damned if I don't use it :D

Ahem. Anyways, onto the MEP/RULES :)

♕ R U L E S :
1. Avatar the Last Airbender and Avatar the Legend of Korra ONLY
2. Voice-overs are...allowed. But ONLY in parts with NO lyrics. I like to hear Florence sing :)
3. Experienced editors only!!! No WMM unless you're invited.
4. WHEN WATERMARKING YOUR PART - only black and white colours, and it must be relatively small, at the bottom right of the frame, and fairly transparent.
5. Please render your part in 16:9. If you can't even do that yet, then you're clearly not ready to be in one of my MEPs.
6. When you finish your part, POST IT AS A RESPONSE TO THIS VIDEO. Then send your part to me in a message via sendspace.com or something similar.
7. Keep the colouring simple, and not TOO bright (don't obviously make it too dark either) because it's a pretty dark and powerful song :)
8. Check the video responses to this video BEFORE you edit and BEFORE you upload!! I want NO repeated clips.
9. Meet the deadline. Very simple.
Deadline will be posted once all parts are taken.
About the reserved parts...if the rest are full, you can request to be back up, and I'll keep you in mind if my reserved peeps say no. But please don't be disappointed if I say turn you down. There after all, only 16 places, and a LOT more of you wonderful people ♥

♕ P A R T S :
Part 1: MissDoonaQueen [FINISHED]
Part 2: ChaosCookieQueen [FINISHED]
Part 3: MitsukotheDarkAngel [FINISHED]
Part 4: Stellunafi [FINISHED]
Part 5: xBomify [FINISHED]
Part 6: wanderluft [FINISHED]
Part 7: MegsAMV
Part 8: KamikazeKodiak [FINISHED]
Part 9: DannyPhantomSG1 [FINISHED]
Part 10: RavenKora17 [FINISHED]
Part 11: xXKeyBladeSlayerXx [FINISHED]
Part 12: xxbludger [FINISHED]
Part 13: TaraSilverstream [FINISHED]
Part 14: katara495 [FINISHED]
Part 15: heavenxsoul [FINISHED]
Part 16: FrenchToastAwsome [FINISHED]

♕ B A C K - U P S :
- xKatnip
- CallMeTheBee
- ThinkOutoftheCube
- TamranAvatar
- Fire8Lightning
- fantasyreader12345

♕ The PICTURE is by the very talented Adriana from Breakthrough-Designs. Check out the page for more AMAZING artwork: http://firebender.breakthrough-design...
♕ Song: Breath of Life -- Florence + the Machine (pitched)
♕ Program Used: Sony Vegas Pro 11.0
♕ Date Uploaded: 28/06/12

*P.S. If I find an epic enough song, I'll make another MEGA MEP, so that EVERYONE can have a go, and it will have no reservations :)*


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