I Wont Apologize: (Ep 16) ~Too Late~ [Stop and Erase]





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Published on Oct 19, 2009


MC: No! You cant!

Man: I am sorry (crane crushes the house) orders from our boss (laughs)

MC: We hadnt taken everything out! All my memories! (on her knees crying) my parents, its all gone!

S: (hugs her) Mom, its ok

MC: Oh Selena, how I hate that boy!

V: (uncaring) mom, u r embarrassing us!

J: Vanessa! I am so tired of your attitude! Our mom just lost everything and all you can think of is ur embarrassment! Our sister got cheated on and (gets sad) I wont be able to see Nicole ever again! You are selfish!

V: that hottie wouldn't date HER! She is a slut

S: (Sighs) lets go guys, the plane is departing soon (they bring their mother to the cheap car)

*They arrive at airport*

MC: Come on guys, its our one way back to Mexico

S: (whispers) Nick, I will always miss you my prince. Even though...even though someone like u could never love me

J: (hugs her) Don't worry about that asshole! Im sorry things didnt work out, ur school, everything. People can be such jerks

S: Its fine, his lil game is over, I left with pride (Sighs) and sorry about making u leave Nicole

J: (shrugs) hey, we do what we gotta do

~With Nick~

N: (driving fast, reaches the Gomez home, driving at over 100mph) Fuck! (sees the crushed home) Oh no! Excavating wasn't supposed to start until tomorrow! (gets off) Hey! What the fuck are you doing? Crushing this home? It was not supposed to be until tomorrow! We dont own this place yet

man: Oh, Mr. Jonas (embarrassed) with all due respect, your mother-

N: My mother? My mother? You are breaking the law u asshole! I am going to get u all fired! U destroyed their home! U didnt even let them take their stuff out!

Man: Well Mr-

N: Shut up okay? U gay fag! All u do is kiss up, when im gone u trashtalk. Ur a 30 years old! Get some dignity!

Man: (gets on his knees) please Mr. Jonas, dont get me fired, please

N: (what the hell?) fuck off! You love making the poor people miserable but when a 17 year old billionaire comes, you beg? GET A LIFE! (gets on the car and drives to Nicole's house) [honks a lot and loudly]

NA: Who the heck is out there? Stop HONKING! WOW! NO ONE DIED CALM DOWN (gets out of the house and sees Nick) Nick????

N: (gets off car) Nicole, where is Selena?

NA: by this time she must be on the plane heading to Mexico, it leaves in like 10 minutes? Why? And what the hell are u doing here you bitch, you fuc-

N: Save it! Yes, I tricked Selena, yes I cheated on Miley! No! I didnt mean to take her land! /My mom tricked me, I thought Selena would get some better land. I was just trying to help my mom (cries) but she is a monster! My mother is monster! I dont want to be like her! And-and I love Selena so much, I learned so much from her! Look! My clothes, they are normal, no designer clothes today! And I can play games, and I can cook now! And I know about nature and-

NA: Calm down! (hugs him) I believe u! But its too late! The airport is half an hour away!

N: Call her! Tell her not to go!

NA: (dials and calls, her phone is off) sorry Nick, her phone is off. She is on a plane

N: Fuck! (smiles) then we will make it to the airport in less than 30 minutes

NA: What?

N: Come on! Get on the car with me! (they get on the car, he drives off crazy fast)



Pilot: Make sure your seatbelt and all safety devices are- (blah blah blah) The plane will be taking off in 5 minutes

MC: Here we come Mexico

S: (smiles sadly) here we come

V: Ugh! Back to Mexico! Ewy!


NA: You sued your mom?

N: Yes, what she did was completely illegal. I left the files all set this morning. She is looking at 5 to 10 years in jail

NA: Wow Nick! You truly-

N: Yes, I truly love Selena! (smiles at the thought of seeing her) She is so simple, and so down to Earth so cute, and sooo beautiful!

NA: Slow down a bit though, we are going to die!

N: (drives faster) might as well die without her

NA: Why were u such a jerk to her?

N: Because I am an ass! I am a jerk! It was all a game but I fell in love with her. It was only to stop her from telling Miley about my affair with Taylor which Taylor was blackmailing me into... But I am her prince, and I fell in love with my princess

NA: huh? (confused) blackmailing?

N: Its complicated [they reach airport in 5 minutes]

NA: (dizzy) wow, I think im gonna wait here. Wow! That was too fast!

N: Ok (runs into the airport and walks to maindesk) Hello, the flight to Mexico City, today at 3:45

F: I am sorry, Gate is closed, they are taking off right now

N: Stop the plane!

F: I am sorry sir but

N: Stop the plane dammit! (runs to the gate and pushes the security guards off) STOP THE FUCKING PLANE! I am THE Nick Jonas! Please! Stop that plane! (runs to the plane gate with security guards chasing him) [reaches the gate and watches the plane take off] No! (on his knees crying) Its too late!

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