Engage or Enrage? A Nuanced Discussion (sans chat bubbles)





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Published on Dec 23, 2015

Boghossian, Dillahunty, Kelly, Magnabosco
Recorded: 10 December 2015
Uploaded: 16 December 2015

Twitter: https://twitter.com/magnabosco
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/magnabosco210


Synopsis: Peter Boghossian, Matt Dillahunty, Joshua Kelly, and myself sit down to discuss the pros and cons of the various ways non-believers communicate with believers.

Audio-Only Version: http://tinyurl.com/SP-SE-AM-PBMDJKAM

View and Comment on the Blab (WITH chat bubbles and props [hand claps]) at Matt Dillahunty's YouTube Channel:

Introduction: I'm Anthony Magnabosco, and I'm pleased to welcome some of the biggest names in atheist circles to an insightful yet casual discussion on the various ways believers and non-believers interact.

Our discussion tonight is titled, "Engage or Enrage: A Nuanced Discussion", which will last for one hour and is being recorded, so it will be available afterwards on our social media platforms.

The four of us will ignore the chat for now so we can focus on the discussion, but if there is interest, some of us may stick around for a brief after-show, where we can address some of your questions.

Before I let our guests take two minutes each to introduce themselves, I'd like to quickly go over our scheduled topics:


1. What are our goals when speaking with believers?

2. What are the pros and cons with our various tactics?

3. Is it disingenuous to change tactics when speaking with different kinds of believers?

And now for our brief introductions, which we decided on alphabetical order. Because it may be relevant to the discussion tonight, lets each try to include a super-brief explanation of how we became atheists.

So that will be Peter Boghossian, Matt Dillahunty, Joshua Kelly, and then back to me to kick off the first topic.


Please let me know if you notice any mistakes so that I can address them here for self-improvement.

NOTE: I may have used the abbreviation 'SE' and/or misspelled 'Str_eet Epi_stem_ology' on purpose to help searchers find the best examples of this method.

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