Bill Maher on religion and Idiots palin and bachmann





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Published on Dec 3, 2010

Bill Maher discusses the significant idiocy of moronic incompetent religio-Psychotic Anti-American jackasses michele bachmann and sarah palin, and compares the two to Beavis and Butthead, an understatement since Beavis and Butthead are Light Years brighter than idiots palin and bachmann.

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Maher gets it right again. Religion is nonsense.
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+Raymond Clifford What the fuck?
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palin is a total fucking moron.....
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Pat Doyle
+pepper669 Yeah, the Palin people hated that movie, and yet I thought it humanized her. It was the first time that I felt any real empathy for her. Of course, in doing that, it also revealed how abysmally ignorant she was, and made her seem more than a bit narcissistic. Of course, her behavior since 2008 has shown what a narcissist she is anyway.
Check out the movie "Game Change" of 2012. It made me feel rather sorry for her, because the GOP campaigners "used" her in certain ways that they felt sorry about later. She should never have been on the ticket and McCain is partly to blame for the disaster. And btw. I'm Swiss so I take neither side but as an American I'd certainly vote Democratic. McCain is at least strongly anti-torture, speaking from his own experience, so that makes him somewhat likeable. 
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religion is for idiots
Republi Can't
Bill Maher was SPOT ON with his prediction of what the GOP would do if Barack became the President
Rick Bonamassa
+John Randall Banks Yes and it's a crying shame. The republican party didn't give a rat fuck about anything except their corporate and ideological kants. Half the country is decent and or sensible the other republican. Nothing can be fixed or improved. They just hold on till they can be president to further their fucked up goals. I hope dem.senators remember the lesson of the thwart Obama Senate & return the act in kind when fool trump wins
John Randall Banks
+Republikunt Republicunt And he did it MONTHS before the election as well.
doreen weix
President Palin. still scares me.
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doreen weix
she is running out of time and supporters. not even the tea heads listen to her any more. anyone dumb enough to say "lets nuke Russia!" needs a long time in a mental hospital. she just doesn't get it does she?
Pat Doyle
It doesn't scare me as much anymore, because she will probably quit after a few months or a year, because people will be picking on her and TLC will give her a reality show.
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Moshe Atencio
Religions are killing this planet. If you want to believe in a higher power that is you're own business and you should keep it to yourself. All humans need to do is live by the Golden Rule, what you hate don't do to another and love thy neighbor as thy self. The rest of the B.S.writings, in the so called holy books will get a person killed. We all live in the 21st century not the 1st century. Most religions are slowing down our evolution, and we all know which ones. Peace to all. 
Friedrich Schopenhauer
Moshe Atencio, be careful with moral descriptions on what humans need do. After the end of god, we've no logical right to believe in moral facts. If people get too obsessed with 'A Golden Rule', then we can expect to live in a world of sentiment and censorship that is just religion without the god.
Moshe Atencio
Men better hope it's not 72 gay men (no offense gay people) !!!
John Stoner For Life
Religion is reason to every fault there is in modern world, it's cancer to reason and logic, biggest single negative factor in the world 
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John Stoner For Life
+Scott Bennett​ well "state" of England or whatever 
Scott Bennett
And I don't know about you, but there's no country I know of named English. Nice try, though.
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We have to teach kids what Bill said in school before they become delusional.
Thank you, Bill Maher.
Patroklos Alexander
Hey what a coincidence Bill Maher was talking about dumb bitches that thought the world was flat, and what do you know…next clip included Sherri Shephard, who thinks the world is flat, literally look it up on youtube she thinks it's flat...this is part of the reason as to why the human race is fucked. 
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