GG Terran v Zergy





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Published on Jul 14, 2012

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Michael Young
Which game is this a continuation of? I'm interested in watching it, but I don't know which one it is.
Nice casting HD! You may want to listen to some of my tracks, which are mostly electronic: soundcloud . com/alp82
Husky McHanon
awesome dude y dont u have more views?? 
Yea the tentacles don't count as missiles, sort of like with spine crawlers, their attacks also ignore PDDs, while spore crawlers get absorbed by it :) I saw it, and loved it! ^^
thanks for the input ^-^ nice to know ya get both to go! ... ship weapons on BCs that is. so I take it that PDD does nothing regarding Infesters then; that the best (and only) defence for your Tier3 is a proper Offense to prevent the Nero to begin with. Btw, have you seen HD's "Greatest Game Ever" vid yet? Def one of the best TvZs there will likely ever be. (*spoiler* BCs did something worth while for once, lolz) 'Later
Other thing... there ought be def against capital units getting Neural-ed. Either top tier tech research that blocks it and/or ? ... Do PDDs block it? ('cause if not stoppable is rather imba potentially.) Sure, you get it to help counter mass fellow 3rdTier armies BUT when ONE power Completely nerfs out on its own ~zero effort, is imba. *like if BCs were efficiently produced units & Yamoto shot straight away for 100- E. Get the picture? Speaking of, be great YC & 250mms upgradable to be better.
one last quick question, what are the 3 3-3's on the BCs? know of Plating and guess is 'Air Weapons', but the 3rd '3'? Air2Ground maybe? 'Tanks!
AND BEYOND!! sry but Buzz is Win :p
Funny thing when HD brought up the Borg; often wonder who'd "assimilate" who, Borg or Zerg. Borg nanites have trouble with new or highly complex biomatter, and Zerg highly caustic. While the Borg still maintain a dependence upon their Organic materials, and Zerg infestation can overtake Any biological organism w/o very advanced shielding akin to the Protoss. ie 'True' shielding. Borg's only work against energy weapons once adapted to. a Viral assault likely not stopped, not on par w/ Zerg...
Agreed, their blast radius ought to be larger and maybe *as an upgrade* deal more damage? Or should cost less... (& wouldn't it be kewl if could be launched from BCs??)
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