The Legend of Zelda: Secrets of the Triforce - Episode 5 (Hiatus. Possible future reboot.)





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Published on Jun 28, 2008

This is where the story really falls into place. I also chose a different title layout for the text. Hopefully now it'll be less annoying to read.

Overview: Spoilers present (as always)

This one starts out different from the rest. Instead of Link and Zelda, it begins with Marth and Roy. They talk about what the hell happened, and roy explains that whatever it was that was controlling him, wasn'ttechnically Ganondorf, but something from inside himself. What does that mean? It means the Ganondorf has figured out how to control, and increase the strength of the evil that lies in every persons heart, corrupting it to where it either takes over the persons body, ot manifests a form of it's own (remember Dark Link? It's kind of like him :P).

Next, back at the castle, Zelda remembers a legend her father told her of the rest of the world. Link interupts her as she gets to a rather important part, and she continues it by telling him of the Legend of the Nine Guardians. Now we know where Ganondorf's new power came from.

You might be wondering "if Ganondorf's powers were unlocked by his Triforce, shouldn't Link's and Zelda's have been as well?"

The answer: no. Ganondorf's Triforce unlocked his, in order to aid it's return to the wisdom and courage peices. Link's and Zelda's had no reason to unlock theirs... Yet.

Link explains that he doesn't have the Triforce of Courage anymore, because it left him when he went to find Navi, (reference to Majora's Mask.) however, Zelda know of a way to get it back. Finding the Hyrulian Avatar, Phoenix, and entering the Triforce Shrine.

Next up, we see a rather pissed off Ganondorf talking to Dark Roy. Thought he was dead? Think agian. All Marth did was banish him from Roy's body, not flat out kill him. He manifested his own body afterwords. Ganondorf does some kind of spell after Dark Roy leaves. The effect is shown in the next scene.

Ganondorf's spell was directed at Marth. While he's pondering Ganondorf's new power, it takes effect, causing him to pass out. However, was there more? Before he blacks out Marth sees, and hears the voice of a strange apparition. Who was it, or was it even real?

Finally, we see Link attempting to go it alone. Typical right? Zelda isn't gonna let that happen, and convinces him to let her help.

During the same scene Link and Zelda take a moment to reminisce about their more happy past, and Link decides if anyone should help him, it may as well be the one he loves.

Tiamat475, if you're reading this, now you know what I meant back when I mentioned how similar our stories were.

Yes, this story is going to be quite similar to Chronicles of the Sages for those who have seen that series. Long before I started this series I thought up a general story. By coincidence it ended up being almost identical to CotS. Because of that, I needed to change a few things here and there to keep it a little different. At first, I was going to use 8 Sages as well (difference being, Link was one of em), and use "Dark Characters" as well. Now for that one, there really isn't many ways you CAN'T do that, seeing as theres so few villain characters in the SSB games.

I decided to change the "Sages" of my series to Guardians instead. It would distinguish it from CotS, while at the same time preserving the story structure I'd prepared.


Final Fantasy IX: Forgotten Face (May be used as Marth and Roy's theme. Not sure yet)
Final Fantasy VIII: Fragments of Memories.
Final Fantasy IX: Passing Sorrow
Final Fantasy X: Yuna's Theme
Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask: Skull Kid's Theme
Final Fantasy X - My Father's Murderer.
Final Fantasy IX - You're Not Alone!
Final Fantasy IX - Unfathomed Reminiscence

Credit to Tiamat475 for inspiring the "Character themes" I'll be using ^__^

...I hope all this will go in the discription O_O.

One more thing: There was one thing in this episode that wasn't explained. How they are going to find Phoenix. I didn't have time to add that, and I wasn't going to split this thing in parts just to add thirty seconds of explaination. I'll start episode 6 right where this one leaves off and explain it. I didn't think it was worth doing a two part episode this time around.


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