The Worst Football Dives Ever -- Ham Actors





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Published on Oct 7, 2007

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George Corpsegrinder
Bunch of newbies, check out Barca players, they are pro's at it.
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Alexander Patoulidis
kill yourself already.
+Samuel Moises Aizpurua Calderon lol Mexico actually did do pretty good this world cup. Robben has a reputation for diving before that game. In fact he also dived against costa rica.
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Lol what a bunch a fuckin faggots
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bakfiets iman
Stfu, fucken smartass
+Aziz Rahman overheard your dad singing your praises the other day , he is so proud of you , he says he never in all his life seen a most perfect chin for a set of balls as yours , nice family
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Andy Ewen
For all the fans of the sport that it once was (and sometimes still is, given the chance), let's boo the bastards who do this and cheer the refs that show 'em where they can shove it. THIS IS NOT FOOTBALL!
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Dan Morgan
+Sam Brown I pretend Holland doesn't dive or overlook it. 
Sam Brown
+Dan Morgan  have you ever seen robben?
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I honestly think that diving in the penalty box should be punished by red card. Wrongfully ordered penalty kick can be a game changer.
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Phil McCracken
Diving should be a straight red card anywhere on the pitch
Cringe The Ginge
That actually happened to me the other day, it was tied 1-1 and a guy flopped in the box got a penalty kick and scored then they won 2-1
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this is why people from North Americans don't like soccer. it's embarassing to the sport. at least MLS players don't flop like this
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+Sheraz Javaid Dear idiot, The "kevlar" outfits were mandated by the US government because American Football was a BLOODBATH in the beginning with many players constantly dying from vicious hits and many more were critically injured. Have someone like Patrick Willis or Brian Urlacher blast the shit out of you and then let me know how "pussy" they were for you once you step out of your coma. Rugby doesn't use protective gear because the tackling rules are more strict and do not allow the same dangerous hits that are otherwise permitted in American Football, thus making protective gear unnecessary. The only thing more pathetic here is your pitiful ignorance.
Mac Nelson
+Sheraz Javaid Don't get me wrong I love Rugby, but comparing Football to Rugby is like comparing apples to oranges. In football we throw forward passes.  In Rugby you can't pass it forward meaning to are never completely blindsided by a DB.  I played corner and safety in football and if we didn't have padding we would have a lot more concussions. Next time you are going to say Football is for pussies look up the best hits in NFL and watch it and see what we have to deal with and it takes a real man to jump up and catch a ball without him knowing when he is going to get hit.
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my god what a bunch of pussies
Heiner Perdomo
I love soccer but this part of the sport is just pathetic.
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Catherine Berlin
It began as Association Football. Almost immediately, however, the English locals shortened it to 'soccer' from the 'soc' in the word 'Association' (just as 'rugby' was shortened to 'ruggers'). The abbreviations did not last, except in the lands where it had already been transplanted. So there is a tradition and a basis for the name, coming from the land that invented the sport. In addition, it would be too confusing in the US and Canada to insist on calling Association Football 'football,' where there already exists the CFL and NFL, professional leagues of a different sport. When I'm in North America, I call AF 'soccer,' and everywhere else I say 'football.'  In any event, fighting about the name makes me think of something else irritating...you know: diving.
+Galimah +reneperezz then what about Italy huh? they don't call it football, the calcio. Germany doesn't call it football either, they call it Fußball. even Africans have their own name for the sport. besides, Canada, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand call soccer. besides it was people in England who came up with the name soccer
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Soccer is for pussays. I used to play soccer...then I turned 8.
Cee Cee
Why are you hating on pussies so much? Don't you get any?
Arms full of tattoos and so damn tough, but are knocked unconscious by a slight breeze. It's time for the clubs and the various football associations to take action on this lame behaviour. We're sick of it. 
Ikr their just massive pussys
Anthony Long
I love football but diving is ridiculous. -_- Diving should result in Straight red Fine A suspension for a few matches. Or all of the above. People say it's a tactic. It's not. It's pathetic. That's all there is to it
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