Greensocks Alysrazor 10 Man Raid Guide (4.2 live)





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Uploaded on Jul 4, 2011

Hello, and welcome to greensocks 10 man alysrazor guide.
In this guide I will be discussing the strategy used by our guild Carpe Noctem to defeat this encounter.

In our raid we used 2 tanks 3 healers and 5 dps, it might also work to use 2 healers since the healing is not too intense until the final part of the fight.

This fight consists of 4 phases which i will discuss in detail one at a time.

When Alysrazor starts the fight shes going to knock everyone in the raid back doing damage to every raid member.
At this point, we split our raid into 2 groups, one on each side. This is because alysrazor will then proceed to fly down the center of the room doing a cleave attack.
A very important thing to note is that you need an interrupter on both sides of the room.

As Alysrazor flies down the center of the room, she will drop feathers in her wake. collecting 3 of these feathers will fill your icarus bar and give you a massive speed increase and jet you straight up into the air.
You are going to want one of your dps to do this and start working on the boss's health.

In phase 1 blazing initiates will spawn, they have 2 abilities, brush fire and fieroblast.

Fiero blast will do damage to the player the initiate is targetting. it is interruptable and this is why we had an interrupter on each side of the room
Brushfire will cause a patch of fire to more in a straight line towards the player targetted. this is not interrupt able but it can be avoided.

Another thing to watch out for in this phase are the worms that are going to spawn in the center of the room in a square pattern in the center of the room.
These are going to breath fire constantly and spin in circles.

The only members of your raid taking damage in phase one are the tanks, the reason they are taking damage is because 2 eggs are going to drop from the sky.
From these eggs 2 hatchlings are going to spawn. These hatchlings will fixate on the nearest player and only attack them.
This fixate will also give that player 1000% damage increase to the hatchling.
It is very important that your tanks are the one who get this fixate.
These birds do a cleave like ability called gushing wounds which applies a debuff to anyone hit by it. This will bring the player down to 50% hp by doing damage every .2 seconds.
It will not go away until the player has reached 50% health or 1 minute has passed. Healers should not waste mana healing the tanks up before the 50% mark has been reached.
The birds also have a mechanic that will cause them to be hungry or satiated. When they are hungry every swing it has a chance to throw a tantrum.
This tantrum will do massive amounts of damage. to get the hatchling back to a state of satiated, the tank will have to feed it a worm from the center of the room.
To do this, simply kite the bird over a worm.

Lets return to the player doing the flying during this phase.
To begin flying you will have to gather 3 feathers. upon grabbing the third you will be launched straight into the air. you will be able to cast while you are flying and you will be able to move very quickly.
As you are flying you are going to have to follow the boss and fly through rings she will spawn.
They will spawn behind her in a random spot and last for 3 seconds.
As you are flying through the rings you must also dodge incidiary clouds, these do massive amounts of damage if you hit them.

Every time you fly through a ring you will gain a buff that will give you 8% haste per stack, gaining 25 of these will give you 75% crit for 40 seconds.
If you miss too many rings in a row you will be dropped from the sky.

It is also important to note that when phase 2 begins you will be dropped from the sky.
If you dont have a way to slow your fall, you will need someone to do this for you, or you will have to get close to the ground before this phase starts.

When phase 2 starts 3 things are going to happen, you are going to have to move

For the rest of the script, please visit the forums at http://www.carpenoctem-wow.com/forum/


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