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Published on Jan 16, 2011

Maria Carrillo High School senior Kayla Kearney comes out to her high school, in an assembly honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Jan 13 and 14, 2011.

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Jordan Anderson
Am I the only straight guy who just watches these because they're interesting? xD
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Exotic Range
Homosexuality is present in more than 1.700 animal species, homophobia in only one. Tell me who's unnatural now.
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Madison s
We're humans not animals
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She's a really good speaker
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callista sharpe
+mary mallery Nothing because idc. Also, why would I care who you like .-. I'm just saying the terms and agreements say for you to be 13+(i think... Somewhere around there). I'm thirteen, but that just means I have to be aware that people won't censor themselves online.
Chastity Power
callista sharpe that person is not 13. Come on now.
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Doodle Bug
You know what, good for her. She did what so many people are afraid to do.. and I think.. and this girl gave me this confidence. I would love to do something like this at my next school pep rally.. Just to give a few minutes about bullying, and then tell them about me.. I'm Bisexual.. but sometimes I feel more like a boy then I do a girl.. some days I feel like a girl, and no part of boy shows on me.. Sometimes I think about being transsexual, and being a guy.. but I noticed my thoughts change alot.. I will feel like a girl one day and a guy the next ( Im female.. ) I have a girlfriend, just about the same age as me. We're very happy together, and love each other unconditionally. And you people can go ahead and bash me for being with a person of the same sex, but I dont care what you think anymore, because I know who I am, and I was born this way. Also, the little people who know that Im bi sometimes ask, which gender do I like more.. and in all honesty, I prefer women to men.. I would date a man, but I find women more understanding and easier to cope with.. plus.. Me and my girlfriend have been together for almost a year now.. and Im glad I found out who I am..
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тσиу pɐʍʞıus
+Elizabeth Putnam well this Not only on here.i seen this Happen on alot of forums That have nothing to do With sexual identity. 
+Tony Dawkins jr That is because this video pertains to LGBT+ issues. Of course people are going to be announcing their sexual orientations.
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Amber godwin
Anyone notice that's the music from Dan Howells Internet support group videos
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Daisy Tompkinson
It was the first thing I noticed lmao
Madeline Schmit
My sister and I have a game where we click on random YouTube videos and see how long it takes to find a phandom-related comment. The moment I heard the music I just knew I'd find one...;)
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Sydney Hodgson
I was dating a girl and only my tight friend group knew but then I accidentally told a guy in my class and he told EVERYONE . my entire school knows I like girls now and I've gotten bullied , picked on , mistreated . I remember one day in particular one lunch lady refused to serve me lunch , and my teacher - who later told me he's gay - bought lunch for me . I hate our society . it's not fair to us
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Brittany Richards
I can't even present an assignment to a class of 25 people... How can this girl be so brave to announce this huge thing in front of her whole school?? probably one of the most brave things I've ever watched.
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Caleb Ebner
Brittany Richards same. I even get rlly scared when all I have to do is ask a stranger for something. because I stutter really bad
ryuzaki senpai
I can barley talk to one person. Hahahahaha
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If I had a child that came out to me, I would scream and cry. Tears of joy.
Elina the unicorn savior
+Pierce The Phan YOUR NAME!!
Pierce The Phan
I would throw them a freaking party for being so brave
don't scroll down. all these stupid, ignorant comments will just make you mad.
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Emerson Rogers
Totally should have taken your advice. It makes me sad how ignorant, bigoted, and just plain mean some people are. :(
Kyra Hughes
Definitely should have taken your advice. Take this advice... just don't scroll down
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Curly SciFi
She kinda sounds like AmandasChronicles
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Jess Walsh
She totally does
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