Joker (Heath Ledger) vs Joker (Jack Nicholson)





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Published on Nov 11, 2009

Joker vs Joker

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Nicholson: Artistic psychopath. Makes me smile and laugh. Ledger: Chaotic sociopath. Plays mind games that are sadistically terrifying.
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Anthony Norris
I love this, explains everything.
Jonathan K
so totally agreed. Both Jokers' style in terms of humor/fatality compositions are opposites (Jack: ~ 7:3 ; Heath: ~3:7 or ~ 2:8) comparing who's better just depends on people's tastes, no pressure.
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Ian Mccoy
I can't believe so many people say jack was better. Jack played your stereotypical "comic book villain" and did good don't get me wrong. But Heath ledgers joker was so much more intense and complex. He acted so well he really takes the spotlight off batman and makes himself the main character.
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Ian Mccoy A comic book Villian is what the Joker is.
Ethan Joe
Ian Mccoy opinions...
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Kylo Ren
Nicholson's joker = screams like a bitch when falling Ledger's joker = laughs his ass off when falling too his death THAT SHOULD EXPLAIN WHO'S BETTER RIGHT THERE.
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Iskander Massimov
+vitezjura amen bro or sister. god bless you
Interesting point of views, I see what's the difference between you and I. It's whether or not it's closer to the comics by our interpretations. Everyone has a different take on the comic books. But I never admit I find 89's Joker funnier. I just said find him funny. But the character development, I prefer TDK's Joker more. When 89's Joker kills, there wasn't much as suspense as the TDK's Joker, thus making 89's Joker's kills not as memorable. If you are using comic books as a reference point, then there are many reincarnations of the Joker. Nolan nailed down the basis of the Joker's psyche, a murderous psychopath who doesn't care for money or anything logical and sees this world as a bad joke. This makes the character more scary as he is someone unrelatable. You can say he's no longer the comic book Joker, but he is the variation of the Joker. The sadistic level has been increased, but the humour is still there. TDK's Joker is doing it to show what the world is a joke. That's what said in the interrogation room scene. 89's Joker, even though he's doing for kicks, we never see him enjoying the result of his prank on killing many. "You even said you kind of rooted for him which is interesting. That was the whole point of Batman 89!" By that, Batman 1989 failed because I never gave a damn about Batman. I was disappointed when he died. The movie is called "Batman," not Joker. Also, with the Joker dead, this is against the comics you so hold close to your heart. Batman and Joker fight cycle is supposed to continue, every time Batman gets more mature and grows with each encounter with the Joker. But this won't happen due to him killing the Joker. I would disagree with you, I think Nicholson's Joker outshone everyone in Batman, even Keaton's Batman. Like, I said, I never cared for Batman even till the end of the movie. TDK, we see a lot of emotion and character development for Batman, which makes the character more relatable. Fans can root for both. By the end of '89, I don't have a proper closure with Batman killing the Joker. It showed that there is no difference between him and the Joker. Both are equally insane and have no regards to human lives, except one chooses to kill the "bad guys". What happens if this Batman is wrong? America's justice system where it's innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. When Gotham city was accepting Batman as the hero, I was horrified. A city is willing to accept a vigilante who put himself as judge, jury and executioner without knowing who this mysterious person is and no background checks is truly terrifying. I can only see Batman as an anti-hero who has a delusion of grandeur and a over sense of righteousness where his belief is better than the justice system, like Dexter, or even a comic book villain because of this movie. I never got to see how corrupt this '89 Gotham is, while I see TDK Gotham is rotten to the core. Before knowing more about Batman after watching '89, I never understood why didn't Bruce Wayne become a politician, lawyer, judge or even a police officer. After watching Batman Begins, I realized the reason because of that is because Gotham is corrupt and virtually beyond saving. For your appearance vs reality, I can only see Batman as a vigilante who fights crimes just because he can. Never understand why. His parents' death motivated him? We'll never know. I have more points but I'll use that when we debate about the psyche of Batman. In TDK, the boat and building was the grand finale and great confrontation. "This leaves the audience in the state that joker was not actually defeated for good." But this is what the comics are, something of your approval. It could be as simple as good vs evil to more complicated than that. Batman did defeat the Joker's grand scheme. In '89, the church confrontation wasn't as strong as I hoped after the parade scene. The two are blaming each other for making each other and the two are to avenge each other for personal means, to feel better. After seeing this scene, the Joker and Batman aren't so different; the two are the same.  I don't see the original message of Burton's Batman as good triumphs over evil; it's either justice and revenge are the same or insanity will gain approval as long as society accepts it. Nolan's message was chaos and sacrifice where truth isn't good enough, sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded. The message felt more emotional and deeper. Also, the Joker did get his punishment. I won't use realism as a debate because I watch a movie as long as it's executed well. TDK Batman never failed against the Joker. He just sacrificed his reputation for Harvey Dent, foiling Joker's plan to tarnish Dent's reputation. "I go to watch the good triumph over evil." That seems like you enjoy cliches, while I love the creative takes on it, as long as it's well executed. I care about badass, but I care more about storyline and structure. Yet I fail to see Burton's Batman better than Nolan's Batman.
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Jack Nicholson the better actor, Heath Ledger the better Joker.
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No no no, ledger beats him both ways
John Kramer
Great comment,@Ramousuiga. I said the truth, don't worry! Like!
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I liked the Nicolson Joker better. He made you laugh before killing you.
Markus Ricker
Immie B
Everyone here is saying Heath Ledger's Joker was all serious and not funny, I'm sorry but some scenes especially the pencil trick one I burst out laughing. I dunno maybe I am just a psychopath. hmm :/
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Immie B
+Ashraf Anam Hell yeah! TO ARKHAM ASYLUM
Ashraf Anam
+Immie B  Like the Batman? like the Joker?...yes we are!
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It really just comes down to preference. For me I prefer Nicholson just a touch bit more than Ledger. Why? Well, this quote from Nostalgia Critic's Old vs New kinda sums it up (paraphrased): Doug: "Ledger's Joker's goal is to spread anarchy and chaos. Nicholson's Joker just IS a chaotic anarchist. Everything he does is just for the crazies." I feel Heath is just a bit too analytical; he's practically Hannibal Lecter as a supervillain (fanfic idea right there my friends ;) ).
Nicholson just laughs and overacts, Ledger BECOMES the Joker
Noob Hunter
You are right, heath Is The Joker
Ashraf Anam
+fbefecan619 you mean an emo terrorist with clown makeup?
Mallory's Ex
Nicholson had the better "character", Ledger had the better "performance". Heath went completely outside himself for the role, whereas Jack basically just played a villainous version of himself.
Mallory's Ex
+HumanHybrid "Caricature" might have been a better word. 
Ledgers character was a lot better IMO
I think Heath's joker had more depth & layers to the character. And he did little things that made him stand out. Like the way he constantly licked his lips. It was weird. I can't explain but it just made it more natural, like Heath really was strange. And if u didn't know, u would never guess the Joker was Heath Ledger. U wouldn't even think he could play that part.
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