Easy battle grinding item with PPkMnp's item mutation (Pokémon Yellow)





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Uploaded on Jun 13, 2011

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pPKMNp is an item mutation glitch Pokémon. There are several item mutation glitch Pokémon, though unfortunately most freeze the game if encountered in the wild. pPKMNp is the only item mutation glitch Pokémon in Yellow which can be encountered in the wild without the Johto Guard glitch combined with the Cable Club blackout glitch, or a friend who has an item mutation glitch Pokémon. Its Pokédex number 230 causes it to mutate the fifth item. The other one is 94 in Red/Blue, which has Pokédex number 213 and mutates the fourth item, which may be sent out by glitch Trainers via the Old Man glitch, but this requires battling a certain Trainer roster first. (search 'Getting Glitch Items using Old Man glitch' for how to see it in the wild).

Like Missingno. which increases the sixth item quantity by 128 unless you already have 128 or more items, pPKMNp mutates the fifth item by +20 in hexadecimal, though only under special circumstances. The existing item must have an index number of hex: 0X, 1X, 4X, 5X, 8X, 9X, CX or DX (where X can be any digit) to be mutated because for other identifiers, the game assumes that you have that flag already checked.

Several glitch items can be obtained this way, such as a battle grinding glitch item called 'Lg -', (hex:6E) though it behaves differently and has a different name in Red/Blue. When used in battle, the game will freeze for a few seconds and the battle will restart, though otherwise its perfectly safe within Pokémon Yellow. This can be used for Elite Four grinding, to essentially battle more than 5 Trainers in one go. Outside of battle it just causes odd graphical glitches. To get Lg - you must have a Super Rod (hex:4E) in the fourth position, so if you really need it you might want to encounter a fossil Missingno. to duplicate your Super Rod first.

The easiest way to encounter PPkMnp is via Trainer-Fly glitch, using the extended 'ditto glitch' and a Pokémon with a special of 194.

For those unfamiliar with the Mew glitch. Basically, go to a Trainer that makes the screen scroll up for him/her to see you, such as the gambler west of Lavender Town and hold the start button down whilst you are walking towards the NPC and get in their field of view, and then Fly away. The start menu will be disabled until you encounter another Trainer who walks up to them and defeat/lose to them or change boxes and reset the game. Return to the route of the original Trainer to encounter a random battle with a Pokémon with index number equal to the special stat of the last Pokémon you fought.

There is no NPC with a Pokémon with Special 194 in game (required to see PPkmnp), so you can encounter a Ditto and have it Transform into one of your Pokémon with that Special.

A note for lampshades120, for the ZZAZZ glitch, you need to repeat the Ditto glitch with a Pokémon with Special ~250-255 (PPkMnP appeared here because it was index number 194 and I had Ditto transform into Mew with a Special of 194, so just use a Pokémon with a Special of any multiple of 250-255). 254 and 255 are usually the ones that don't immediately freeze the game. For 0 ERROR, it's more specific, you have to fly away from the Bug Catcher north of Vermillion City, then battle any Trainer in Route 11, then go back to Vermillion City and talk to any NPC besides Machop, then go back north of Vermillion City again to get the message.


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