Why the Earth is 6,000 Years Old.





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Published on Feb 15, 2008

Reason to show why the earth is no more than 6,000 years old.

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And don't forget the dinosaurs went extinct 65  MILLION YEARS AGO!
jeff graham
Dear creationists, u do know that continents are constantly shifting dye to molten rock under the earths surface, all these environments that you are using to defend your argument are just the result if today's drifting continents
Hehe, is funny that people still believe that 
Folks, the Bible is an Allegory! It even says so in several places in the Bible!
Geneology in the bible? Um Jesus has more than.one Geneology, so how do you know the geneologies.are correct?
Matthew Glosser
Also- where are you getting dates from? I thought creationists didn't trust dating methods? Oh I see- only the dates that fit your narrative, while ignoring the rest of the planet - like the oldest rock that just happens to be dated at over 4 billion years old- close in age to the oldest rock we've dated from the moon - fancy that
Matthew Glosser
Yes! Pointing out a few things, like the Sahara desert, that are less than 6000 years old! Brilliant creationist logic! Ya know- come to think of it- I have a tree in my lawn that's 30 years old! Therefore, my lawn can't be older than 30! Btw... The Sahara has only been a desert for a couple thousand years- that doesn't mean the land wasn't there, genius.. Before desertification, it was actually a lush, green area... And before that, in the midst of the last Ice age- do some basic research
Gooners Rule
You're not serious. Are you a wind up?. Either way you are insane. Noah's Ark, Light before the Sun was made. I despair if you are serious and I feel sad for you if you aren't.
Gooners Rule
Radio carbon dating is just one of many kinds of scientific dating methods. Why don't you read something other than that Bronze Age Book of Fairy Tales? 
Gooners Rule
We have independent written evidence of the existence of Plato and Socrates Einstein. All you have is scribblings of anonymous semi literate desert dwellers.
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