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Published on Mar 10, 2012

i found some pro-anorexia blogs....

e'ryday i'm tumblin - http://lacigreen.tumblr.com

be my fwend? http://www.facebook.com/officiallacig...

tweet me! - http://www.twitter.com/gogreen18

I have a G+ now! - http://gplus.to/lacigreen

A Crash Course on Anorexia - http://lacigreen.tv/?p=4073
Why I Don't Support "KONY 2012" - http://lacigreen.tv/?p=4019
How To Stay Friends With An Ex - http://lacigreen.tv/?p=3989
Dr. Seuss' Secret Messages - http://lacigreen.tv/?p=3927

Do you suspect you might be developing an eating disorder? Check out my post with info and resources: http://lacigreen.tv/?p=4073

Those in the US can also call the anorexia & eating disorders hotline 24/7 for advice, referrals, and crisis counseling: 1-847-831-3438

In this video I talk about my discovery of the pro-anorexia community on tumblr. I talk about my own experience watching loved ones spiral into anorexia and seek to illuminate the mindset behind eating disorders. There is more to anorexia than just the desire to lose weight; namely, feeling in control and desirable/valuable. I talk about what causes eating disorders and the gender disparity in anorexia. I close the video with the 3 most prominent social theories that seek to explain why anorexia affects primarily women.

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When I was younger, my mum used to make fun of my chubbyness, until I turned 10 and she told me I was fat and needed to stop eating. I ignored her comments for a year until she made one which made me crack. She said, " You're really fat! Why don't you stop eating? You're such a pig." Then i started eating less and soon ate nothing at all during school and lied at home saying I ate in school. I lost some weight after a while and I was hurting. I even tried to make myself vomit, which was difficult for me and because of the situation my family was in, I was depressed. So if I couldn't make myself vomit, I'd cut.. So i cut which hurt. I cut a lot until my best friend saw my scars and noticed I was pale and thinner. Also, she noticed I'd gone weaker and would end up feeling great fatigue in class. Since then she helped me get back on track in life. I ate again and I dealt with the problems properly. I haven't touched blade since then. So I'm doing alright now.. I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend :) 
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dan b
If it's not okay to be anorexic then it shouldn't be okay to be obese. Both are unhealthy extremes at either end of the spectrum 
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Luke William
Double standards strike again.  If you are fat you are beautiful just the way you are. If you are skinny you look sick and need to eat.
Tony D
Makes you wonder if people are attracted to skinny people sexually, or if it's a reaction to their perceived weakness. A human desire to help someone less fortunate. In a way it's akin to seeing someone injured and going up to them to ask if they're alright. Only you're not allowed to ask if they're alright. Clearly there is something about nearly but not completely anorexic body. Otherwise why the preference in advertising where they can monitor the effectiveness of advertising content. I might just be talking out of my ass here.
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Daniela Miranda
I'm so done with "standards" of beauty, my height is 5'2" and i used to weight less than 100 pounds (i didn't starve myself i ate as any other normal kid) and people in my classroom used to make fun of me telling me i was anorexic, this all was when i was in 9th grade, a couple of years after that i went to London and ate only pizza and Mcdonald's for the whole week i was there, obviously eating fast food three times a day all the week made me gain weight, now i'm 108 pounds and people who called me skinny says i'm fat and chubby, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!! GO AND LIVE YOUR LIFE!! i don't feel like i'm different, i don't feel like i'm not good enough just because i have what they considered "normal" before. FUCK THEM AND FUCK SOCIETY. NEXT TIME YOU GO AND TELL SOMEONE THEY'RE TOO FAT OR TOO SKINNY REMEMBER PEOPLE HAVE MIRRORS IN THEIR OWN HOUSES!! AND THEIR WEIGHT AND HEIGHT (because i'm teased about that too) DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR LIFE IN ANY WAY! Also genders, race, life choices, etc..  PS: It may look like i'm shouting at you, but actually i just needed to get that out (i'm rather quiet) and i released a lot of stress writing this.
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Jemma N Daisy
Candy or collarbones: Candy.
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Recovering bulimic here, its not the 'easy' disorder people say it is, puking when your body doesn't actually need to is an extremely unpleasant and painful experience and your throat hurts and you're totally aware that you're killing yourself the whole time. It was akin to having a drug addiction because it wasn't pleasant to do kinda like smoking or shoving a needle in your arm but having done it felt amazing and clean but after I got over how flat my stomach looked in the mirror, I felt dirty and scared.
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Paulie Gualtieri
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Sharman ultrastrong
Hi, Laci.  :)  Could you make a video for men?  I noticed that you make a not of videos for women, but not for men.  I think a lot of men need help with eating disorders too.  Thanks!
Stephanie Smith
Someone help, I need advice to help my friend. She has been raised in a very superficial household. I've known her since 4th grade and I've gone to her house countless times, and not once have I heard a comment from her parents relating to her personality, but I constantly hear things like "you look so gorgeous with that eyeliner" "you're so beautiful", and I dare admit that I even heard her mother say "you don't have to be smart, just marry a rich man and you'll have a great life like mine". I need help, because this way of thinking is so imprinted into her lifestyle, that others' appearances are the first thing she notices. She will always make snarky remarks like "her foundation is disgusting" "I don't understand why this picture has that many likes, she's not even pretty/she's so fat" and yes, I'm aware this is an extremely negative outlook to have on others, but this is how much she focuses on appearance! To her, attention from others and on social media matter more to her than getting an A on a test - and that is worrying to me. The point is, how can I show her that there is more to her than her appearance. This mindset is causing her to have emotional moodswings and sometimes she simply just breaks down and thinks she's worthless, and it shreds me. She has times where she convinces herself that everyone is against her and she lashes out on everyone who's trying to help her. She's quiet at breaks now, and I'm worrying that she's developing some sort of mental illness. What can I do? How can I convince her that happiness does not equal good looks? Please help, I know this is long, but I needed to explain :(
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