Victims Of Love Chapter 7





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Uploaded on Jun 30, 2009

"I want you all to, write a song!" Mr Wayne said smiling brightly.
"Your fucking kidding!" I yelled. Whoops I had planned to do that in my head.
"No i am not bleeping kidding Aj. This is an important exercise. And I have complete faith in you all."
"What does it have to be about?" Someone asked.
"Anything, life love money. But nothing blue."
"Blue?" Kevin asked.
"Blue mr jonas, rude, x rated, sexual."
"But sir thats what my whole life is about!" Kevin said smiling. He was such an attention seeker.
"Not this week its not." I whispered into Kevins ear laughing as Kevins smile faded.
"GO enjoy, get thoughs creative juices flowing and ill come help you individually in about half hour."

Me and Kevin went into a practice room, a smaller room, kindof like a closet which had a piano and guitar in and 2 notepads.
"So, what shall i write about, my raging obsession with trying to sleep with jonas men, my loving, caring parents or my slutty sister?" I said sighing and sitting down.
"You make it seem like your life is so depressing." He said.
I stared at him.
"My life is fucking depressing!"
"You have an amazing best friend and a hottie boyfriend!" He said.
"Hottie boyfriend? Maybe you should write your song about being a big fat gayboy." I said smiling, he ran over to me and put me in a headlock.
"Kevin get off! Youll mess up my hair!" I said laughing my head off.
"What like this?" He started messing my hair up purposley.
"Shall I come back later?" A voice said. We suddenly sprung apart. I frowned when I saw who it was.
"God Kevin she has a boyfriend." He said smirking.
"Yeah i know. Atleast I know when to draw the line Nick."
"Whats that supposed to mean?"
"Well she has a boyfriend, so im not gonna fly to London and try and win her over am i because only an ass would do that."
"Oh thats right you just have sex with a girl when you dont even like her. Good one Kevin."
I sat staring at the two boys arguing. Over me. It was weird.
"How about you just leave Nick." I said politely.
"How about you shut the fuck up you little slut." He said suddenly stepping towards me, and swining out his arm slapping me across the face. My hand flung to my cheek, it was burning.
"Hey! Leave her alone!" This time it wasnt Kevin. Sterling suddenly wwalked into the room and stood infront of me. He wasnt the buffest of guys. Nick could easily knock him out, he has unusually large biceps. Yet to me Sterling seemed like a giant, my knight in shining armour. Nick suddenly glanced around Sterling to look at me. He was trying to read my expression. I was still scared of him, so i flinched when he looked at me. Scared he was going to lash out again. He sighed and left the room.
"You ok?" Sterling asked concerned.
"Yeah, yeah fine." I lied. I looked out the door, watching Nick through the window, wondering why he'd backed down to Sterling so quickly.

I stepped out of Music. No doubt gossip about the incident between me and Nick had spread like wildfire through the school, so i kept my head down determined not to talk to anyone. I packed up all my stuff and quickly put my bag on my shoulder. I turned towards the door, ready to make a swift exit. When i saw It. Something I didnt expect, or wanna see. Dana and Nick. Hand in hand, in a secluded cornor, where they thought no-one would see. Kissing, intensly.
"Aj, got a moment?" Kevin asked.
"Urm yeah sure."
"Give me a blowy?"
"Kevin for the last time, No."
"A quick hand job?"
"A stroke?"
"Fine ill settle for a makeout session."
"Go ask Dana. Shes seems to be giving them out to anyone." I said pointing to the cornor. I suddenly felt kevins arm across my shoulder. As he pulled me into a big bear hug.


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