Who Has The Most Character Development? Naruto, Luffy, Ichigo, Natsu, Gon, Tsuna





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Published on Jul 16, 2012

Who Do You Think Is The Most Developed Character Naruto - Luffy - Ichigo - Natsu/Lucy - Tsuna - Gon?!?!?
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Luffy character development? HAHAHAHAHAHA
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one piece fan
CyberLance26 I m talking about that their objectives were same i.e to save ace
one piece fan You talking about Whitebeard and his people or Ace? Whitebeard and the marines started the war but Luffy did not care about it at all.
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cough Chimera Ant Arc cough
Alexander Jones
ApolloWright573 exactly.
Naruto Uzumaki
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Otaku Scrub
Naruto Uzumaki YES LORD
best channel
You are the best Naruto Uzumaki.
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Daniel Boakye
I'd say Naruto on this one. He started out as an immature brat that nobody really liked, then he started to progress and became stronger physically and mentally. He learned to be more passive than aggressive which was why he was able to tame the nine tails inside him. 
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Ronaldo Pruisto
one piece fan right
one piece fan
Daniel Boakye he remained goofy so no
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Only seen 3 of the listed series (One Piece, Naruto and Bleach) so out of them I'd say that it'd easily be Naruto. He went from being a hyperactive brat who was shunned by the village to being a 'fairly' more level headed character who was admired by the village. Luffy and Ichigo have had fair development from their experiences, although Current Luffy's personality is the exact same as it's ever been, while Ichigo has only made significant development in the most recent chapters.
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one piece fan
Mei-Oh even naruto personality remained goofy and all
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Drop the base WUBWUBWUBWUB
Wait for Gon after the Chimera Ant Arc ;) 
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Rusty Shackleford
+ANAL LOVER Don't listen to the dumb bitch
Bernie Wiseman
+Daisy Fitzroy Hahahaha okay sport gon developed way  more than any of these guys lol. Do you even symbolism?
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It's more like Gon, Naruto, Tsuna, Luffy and Ichigo, Natsu. Character Development means that characters begin to act a bit differently after experiencing things. (or something like that), or we get explanations as to why they act the way they do.
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+Kanzentai Seru not denying that tsuna became a badass, but when comparing him with gon (who went through this entire episode) he comes up short... doesn't change the fact that he's more developed than naruto, or that natsu's last.
Kanzentai Seru
+DemonicMonkey88 Hard for me to decide you know? How do you feel about Gon and Tsuna?
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Well after some thought Tsuna Naruto Ichigo Natsu Luffy Gon 
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The Gunner HD
+privateservers2damax tsuna's innocent as f from knowing literally nothing and not being able to fight to becoming a boss and destroying black holes
Speed Waifu
+privateservers2damax "gon becomes savage as fuck. tsuna is shit."  ... yeah you arnt talking about strength sure.. Also being innocent to being savage isnt good character development
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Monkī Dī Rufi
1. Gon 2. Naruto 3. Luffy 4. Ichigo 5. Natsu 6. Tsuna I say this even my favorite animes One Piece and Naruto, and my favorite characters Luffy and Naruto in this order, but what Gon went trought in the Chimera-Ant arc... MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN that's huge!
mr cool guy
no it is wrong
A. Hass
but he came back to his old self.
From last to first. Gon becuse I have never seen hunter x hunter Natsu becuse he did not develop at all mentally Luffy becuse he got good lessons but he was basically pre developed Ichigo becuse he gained a lot of good leadership qualitys however he basically had them before but less prominent Naruto becuse he gained protectiveness, understanding, a love of peace, and enormous will....... Aaaand lost the mentality to back any of that. In first it's tsuna becuse he began as a wimp and gained all the previous mentioned qualitys. The only thing missing is the will to confess to his crush, and the will to punch reborn in the face.
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