Health Care Strategy: Why Naturopathic Medicine, Doctor? The Road to Change.




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Published on Oct 15, 2014

Sarah has migraines and recently discovered a breast lump; she didn’t want to suffer the same fate as her mother.

Sarahs husband, David, is an engineer who works long hard hours, is fatigued, and doesn’t want to get Alzheimer’s like his dad.

Their 7-year old daughter Britney suffers from severe allergies and asthma.

David received an enlightening book from a colleague, My Health Navigator: The road to change in it, he found some disturbing statistics about the effectiveness of modern medicine: Even though it’s made significant improvements in heart disease and stroke, deaths from Alzheimer’s have increased 13,000% in the past 30 years.

The number of deaths caused by cancer hasn’t improved in the past half century, despite over $105-billion invested since 1971, when President Nixon declared war on cancer.

And the number of American children with a disability increased 300% from 1990 to 1995 (in picture 300,000 in 1990 to 900,000 in 1995, 300%). In 2006, Half of all Canadian children aged 4 and under reported at least one disability. Clearly modern medicine was dropping the ball.

Sarah and David needed to find a strategy; they had a retirement and a financial strategy but not a successful health strategy. So they decided to enlist the help of an Accredited Naturopathic Doctor. Hearing there were many charlatans in alternative medicine, they wanted someone who was as equally trained as a medical doctor, spending at least seven years obtaining their professional license.

Sarah was just as amazed at what she was reading. American and Canadian doctors write on average 13 prescriptions for every man, woman, and child each year. From 1960 to 2008, health care expenditures increased exponentially from $28 billion to $2,339 billion in the US. In 2014, the US spent the largest amount on health care--$8,508 per person--yet it has the lowest overall healthcare quality out of eleven industrialized nations. Meanwhile, Canada spent $5,988 per person, ranking tenth.

investing in your family’s health care more wisely, with a strategy that made sense.

My Health Navigator shared a comprehensive strategy that demonstrated where they were health-wise, and what they could do about it. the health continuum, health optimization, disease prevention, functional problem.
HealthNoWhere to HealthNowHere! their cup became full of these toxins, and eventually overflowed, they started to experience symptoms.
Asthma factors such as airbourne allergens, heavy metals, chemicals, weak organs and diet were all causing her cup to overflow, creating her symptoms of allergies and asthma. The pharmaceutical drugs weren’t addressing the cause, they were just making the cup bigger!
It gets worse. After a while, medications stopped working, so they needed cups that were bigger still! Their docs prescribed even more powerful drugs, creating increasingly larger cups while failing to address any of the factors that were making them overflow to begin with.
Naturopathic Doctors offer a different approach, with the goal of identifying the factors filling up one’s cup, implementing strategies to isolate those factors, and detoxifying their cup so they are no longer burdened by symptoms, but are working towards health optimization and disease prevention.
Want a health strategy that works?
Schedule your appointment today with a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and start your health strategy now.

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