Detained by Biddeford PD for Open Carry





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Published on Aug 18, 2010

I was detained by the Biddeford, Maine PD on 18AUG2010 for no reason while open carrying and walking down the sidewalk.

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I never reply to comments
Not required by law to give his details... detained for not giving his details. Stay classy America.
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The video at your link backs up boyscout399. SCOTUS has ruled repeatedly that cops have no legal right to detain someone on the basis of a report of or concern over a legal activity -- detainment is only legal upon reasonable articulated suspicion of a crime or pending crime. A smart and prepared cop should be able to articulate reasonable suspicion before approaching anyone they intend to investigate; these cops did not, despite being given multiple opportunities to do so. Unfortunately, many low IQ individuals are being hired as cops. And, your argumentation herein proves there is at least one low IQ twit with a carry permit.
Luca Rossi
No need to apologize, it was my fault, I was "shooting at the messenger" (no pun intended) forgetting about the message. Now that we have understood each other "we are in the clear" :-). I wish you all the best.
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Bailey Caristo
Congrats...One of the most well articulated confrontations I've seen. Its easy to be critical but I can only imagine the stress you are under in these situations and I'm proud there are Americans willing to endure it for the rest of us.
well put
well put
for all the people saying he should give ID (give up rights). he doesnt  have to. at the end of the video, he simply walks away. meaning he didnt have to give hid id and what he said and did wasnt illegal. he was in the right
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Jump Man
+Steve E Haha yup Steve. I never had a reason to review the Maine statutes before and I loved seeing the phrase "shall never be questioned". 
Steve E
+RyanStrauchOfficial City law does not supersede State law.  Maine is an  open carry state. It is perfectly legal and acceptable to carry a firearm openly in public. However, you may only legally carry a LOADED handgun in a vehicle, openly or concealed, if you have a Maine permit. From the Maine State Constitution: Article I, Section 16 "Every citizen has a right to keep and bear arms and this right shall never be questioned."
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Awesome job sticking up for your rights and not being intimidated by cops who do not respect your constitutional rights.  You handled it perfectly.  Screw anyone who faults this guy for being on the right side of the law!  Anyone who thinks an officer abusing individual rights is acceptable is a sore excuse for an American.  Never exchange Liberty for safety or all of our US history is for not.
Robert H
So if you're legally allowed to carry, and you have no criminal history that says you are not allowed to carry...you spent 12:19 arguing with the officers.  You whine in your video that you would like to just be on your way.  Lets figure this out. You could have simply told them who you are.  They would have taken maybe 3 minutes to 5 to determine if you're not carrying illegally, and you would have been on your way. Instead, you spend 12 minutes and 19 seconds arguing with the officers. You're an idiot!
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Robert H and you would 100% wrong on all accounts sir... he was legally carrying and per the law should not have been stopped. Also he had no record or probation... so you attempt at making excuses for the police is a complete fail. I hope you enjoyed the taste of boot polish sent you like to lick them so much
Robert H Deberry v US states that a firearm where legally carried cannot be used as reasonable suspicion or probably cause for a stop
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Ian Cole
i cannot stand these videos.  The cops r just doing their job.  These self entitled dbags just look even worse with this.  How about these kids act like a mature adult and not try to brag that they have a gun.  so much wrong with this.  the cops should arrest u for wasting their time and being an annoying prick.  No matter where ur from a gun out in the open is not a normal thing.  Someone needs to ground these kids.
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Ray  Givens
Ian Cole I also thought the same at one time , but these guys are doing every open carry person a favor in the long run , pretty soon the police will have to change their policies in handling a law abiding citizen. the changes will take time and patience but the cops will have to eventually give us our rights to carry for protection . what these guys are doing is the only way to get the ball rolling for all of us to get our rights back that have slowly been stripped away , stay safe
Ronny Ziesmer
The Nazis were "just doing their job."
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"I don't have reasonable cause to harass you, so let me just harass you a bit to come up with some reasonable cause."
Dose anyone else thing these kids got beat up a lot in school?
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+ForrestSCS I am closing this down ! You lost and you are done! When you take more the 3 years of law , feel free to comment to me !
+ForrestSCS You just to dam dumb to understand , You go on on about this case law and it does not apply , You need to clean your ears ! If you dont understand h ow it works then stop asking !  
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Although you may not agree with these kids they are totally in the right. People calling the police because they feel uncomfortable does not outweigh the 2nd amendment to the Constitution. Also, an open carry state does not require a permit so you do not have to provide one. Only if you are carrying concealed do you need to have a caring permit. These police were 100% in the wrong, these young men were 100% in the right and I suggest the rest of you do a little homework prior to spouting off and being sheep to the system.
Constantino Zenteno Jr.
I found it funny how they were asking the guy for a concealed carry permit, while he had an open carry.
michael wood
"I am wondering why you continue to ask me questions after I requested an attorney". He keeps asking questions because you keep answering questions dumbass. Shut the hell up. Once you inform them you want a lawyer and plead the 5th then shut up.
Ron Martin
Bobby Riffle its not pointless at all. you can request a lawyer anytime. even if your not under arrest you can ask for a lawyer at ANY TIME during question, and that includes at traffic stops or police contacts. just because the read you your Miranda rights after your arrest doesn't mean you can't invoke it. because trust me everything you do at a police encounter will be used against you in a court of law.
Bobby Riffle
michael wood yeah, buy it's pointless to ask for a lawyer unless they tell ya yer under arrest.
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