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Published on Mar 23, 2012

Okay guys this is my first story ever. I hope you like it! I do NOT own anything except the story!! the rest belongs to Glee and Fox. ENJOY!!!!!

Olivia: Mommy tell us a story!!
Logan: Please?!?!
Annabelle: Come on Mommy!!
Rachel: *Laughs* Okay! But only when all my little ducks are in bed.
Logan: Come on Olive! Come on Anna we need to get into bed!!
Rachel: *Smiles as her small children rush into bed* Okay what do you want to hear?
Annabelle: Another story about you, Auntie Santana, Auntie Brittany, and----
Olivia: The entire New Directions!
Logan: There better be tough guys.
R: *Laughs* Okay ducklings. This is a story about the time the New Directions performed for the first time in at regionals.
Annabelle: Yay!!
Rachel: *Starts telling them the story and has a flashback*
Mr. Schue: Okay guys! Regionals is tomorrow and I want to go over the routine one more time.
Santana: Hey Rachel. Finn's staring at you again. Does he like you??
Rachel: I don't know San. He's still a little shocked from Quinn cheating on him.
Santana: Rae I just want you to be happy. You're my bestie! You deserve some good.
Rachel: Santana the social pyramid. He's at the top and I'm barely at the bottom.
Santana: Screw the Social Pyramid! Let's talk later. We have to rehearse.
Rachel: Okay....
*After Rehearsal.....Rachel an Santana go back to Rachel's house with Kurt, Brittany, and Mercedes*
Santana: Finn was drooling all over you!
Rachel: No he wasn't.
Mercedes: Rachel stop hiding. He likes you.
Kurt: Yeah Rachel. he's perfect for you.
Rachel: *sighs* I don't know....Regionals is tomorrow. Maybe after competition.
Brittany: Rachie you need to do what makes you happy!! Like Lord Tubbington when he eats fondue.
Rachel: Okay okay. I get it. You want me happy.
Mercedes: We just want to see you doing something other than studying. You're only a sophomore!! College can wait until senior year.
Rachel: Maybe you guys are right. Come on. Let's get some sleep we have a competition tomorrow!
Olivia: Mommy you're not happy?
Logan: I thought you were happy with us!!
Rachel: *Giggles and pulls them all into a hug* oh my precious little stars....I love you all so much! You guys always make me happy!! From the minute you were all born. I couldn't be happier to have a son and twin daughters.
Annabelle: I love you too Mommy. Can we get back to the story??
Rachel: Of course darling. Now the next day, Uncle Kurt and Auntie Santana were doing everyone's make up and we were all getting ready for our amazing performance! *Has another flashback*
Kurt: Come on ladies into the car!! We need to get to school now!! Mr. Schue won't be happy if we're late!! *Honking the horn*
Santana: Okay okay!! *Gets in and sighs* I left my lucky anklet.
Rachel: *Gets in* We don't need luck, we need talent and hope.
Brittany+Mercedes:*Gets in* Plus music!! Let's drive.
~At the school~
Rachel: *Talking to Santana ad Brittany*
Finn: *Walks up to Rachel* Hey Rachel.
Rachel: *Turns around and smiles* Hi Finn.
Finn: You look beautiful.
Rachel: *blushes* Thanks. You look great too.
Mr. Schue:*Claps his hands* Okay guys!! Load the buses!! We have a competition to win!!
Santana: Come on girls!! *Drags the three of them into a three seater*
~At the competition's time for New Directions to Perform~
Rachel: *Fixes her hair one last time and goes to her place behind the curtain.*
Rachel: Finn walked over to me before we performed. I wished him good luck, and right there, at that moment, he told me he loved me. *smiles* Now little stars get some sleep, and you will shine brighter than the sun tomorrow. Good night.

Okay Guys that was my first video I hoped you liked it! let me know about anything I could change, and if I should continue.THX!!


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