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Pokemon Emerald - Character Impressions - PART 15 - Game Grumps





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Published on Aug 26, 2012

We find impressions we CAN'T do.

Game Grumps is:

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The Intangible
Oh my god.. Jon said he was going to do a JonTron about Captain Novalin.. and then Arin and Danny just played it on Game Grumps. This means... This MEANS... ...nothing, but it's kinda cool.
Jon never actually reviewed that game, though, did he?
Lotte Yanson
I love all Obama impressions. Especially the ones where they pause after every other word. It sums up his speeches perfectly.
Lol I don't remember this episode ending so abruptly.
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Donga Dunderson
This was a time when even Barry wasn't the editor. Twas Jon before the sonic 06 age.
Lazarus Starshade
+hysuka2 Yeah that's what I get for commenting before finishing the episode.
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A lamp.
I just refreshed the page like 10 fucking times and then continued to open another tab, look up this episode, and proceed to refresh that 10 more times because it just ended so abruptly and there were no comments about it, wtf.
+A lamp. Didn't happen to me, I'm watching it in the playlist.
Justifyed Mattitude
Won't let me play past the about the mid way point either.
Hexxic Plays!
All credit where credit is due, He is a phenominal voice actor, I know alot are people are like, "OH I CAN DO A PRETTY GOOD X" But, Arin is pretty spot on with some of them. Just to have that range. y'know?
One thing I miss since Jon left is the moments of silence where they both just stop talking and all you hear is the controller clacking. I dont know why, it's just endearing.
The way I see it, in the new episodes it feels like they're trying too hard. They're forcing themselves to be completely on all the time, and not recognizing the value of a nice silence. It's a good way to let the previous jokes breathe, and make it so you don't have to keep up the cycle of topping for the entirety of the episode, which is nigh-impossible. I dunno, that's just what it seems like to me.
playing alpha sapphire while listening to this.
Tigertasticlover AJ
I was soft resetting for shiny registeel
Sand Bag
Mad Hatter
Bill Clinton impression killed me.
Specter Knight
Actually, you evolve Ninjask, and if you have an extra PokèBall and an empty slot in your team, you get SHEDINJA.
You evolve Nincada INTO Ninjask, and if you have a Pokeball and a slot, you get a level 20 Shedinja as well as a Ninjask, which is also level 20.
What the fuck even, going back and listening all of his impressions are the same. Also, Jon said "Hey, you can do nearly every impression really well," and then couldn't do fucking anything.
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