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Uploaded on Feb 22, 2012

I've been working on this since just a bit after 3x14 aired. I wanted to finish it before 3x15, but because of my exam I didn't have the chance. But maybe spending more time on it helped in making it better, at least I hope so.

Ever since I heard that quote for the first time, it screamed Damon Salvatore to me. It's so fitting for him it's not even funny, it's scary. It just pictures him perfectly. Because he might be rash, might not really care for collateral damage, might sometime do stupid things that hurt the people around him, all of that might be true. BUT Damon Salvatore is the most deep and complex character ever written on TV, in my opinion. He feel so deeply, loves with such intensity and passion and devotion it's surreal sometimes... He who claims to be and is accused of being selfish can be the most selfless person for those he loves. And all his existence he's been hurt, misunderstood, unappreciated by the people in his life. Life has been kicking him over and over again. Considering all the slaps in the face he's gotten over the years, I think that it's amazing this has not ruined him. He might be damaged and has many flaws, but to me, he is the best damn thing on this show. Hate him all you want, blame him all you want, neglect him all you want, but you can't change the truth in my eyes.

To me, this quote is not necessarily about romantic type of love and devotion. That's why I chose to use not only Katherine and/or Elena, but Stefan and a tiny bit of Rose, too. Cause all those relationships had played part in defining Damon the way he is today. I tried to show his pain, his loneliness... Him. Hope I succeeded.

I know I wrote the quotes in the video, but I wanna write them here too in case they are hard to read and/or hear at times.

"It's like you're screaming and no one can hear. You almost feel ashamed that someone could be that important that without them you feel like nothing. No one will ever understand how much it hurts. You feel hopeless, like nothing can save you. And when it's over and it's gone, you almost wish you could have all that bad stuff back so that you can have the good."

"Everything he's done, every move that he's made, he's done for love." - Elena, 1x13
"She's not here." - Damon, 1x14
"Nothing is important, not anymore." - Damon, 1x15
"I'm better at being the bad guy anyway." - Damon, 3x15
"I feel... And it sucks." - Damon, 2x12
"There's only so much hurt a man can take." - Damon, 2x12
"Stefan's gone and he's not coming back." - Damon, 3x01
"There's no cure, Stefan." - Damon, 2x21
"I'm mad at you because I love you." - Damon, 3x14
"Maybe that's the problem." - Elena, 3x14
"I care too much." - Damon, 3x14
"Maybe because you care too damn much." - Stefan, 3x14
"I'm a liability." - Damon, 3x14
"You're a liability, brother." - Stefan, 3x14
"How ironic is that..." - Damon, 3x14
"I'll forget everything and we can start over." - Damon, 2x01
"Is my love not enough?" - Damon, 2x04
"I'm not human, and I miss it. I miss it more than anything in the world." - Damon, 2x12

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Hope you will like it!
Enjoy, rate and comment!


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