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Published on Apr 13, 2012

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In this guide, Sheriden details the first encounter - Toth & Zorn, from the brand new Operation - Explosive Conflict. Footage is used from Extreme Guild's attempts/kill on the 8man storymode version.

Guide Text:
Hey guys it's Sheriden here and today i'm bringing you a guide to the first boss found in the newest operation Explosive Conflict. This encounter consists of two immediate bosses named Toth and Zorn. These guys patrol around so make sure you keep your distance to avoid ninja pulls.

Toth & Zorn - Damage Buff
Whenever the two bosses are close together, they will gain a DPS buff. It is vital that you tank each of these bosses at either end of the fighting area. Try to position Zorn on the left and Toth on the right up against the rock walls. This prevents the tanks from being knocked back a long distance.

Zorn - Sonic Paralysis / Force Scream. This ability seems to have multiple aspects. First, Zorn will channel this ability towards the tank for 14 seconds, your tank can kite him around but watch out not to turn it into the raid. It doesnt appear to do too much damage though.
Second, during this time he will deal constant aoe damage every few seconds to the whole raid. This appears to be around 1,000 damage per hit.
Third, red circle marks will target the ground and shortly after spiked rocks will erupt from under them. The hit area amage is often wider than what the markings show so you should move far away from them. This is similar to the first boss in EV.

Zorn - Rock Throw. Zorn will throw rocks to anyone with 30m of him while Toth is in berserk. This can be avoided but is not recommended due to a dps loss and tight enrage timer.

Toth - Berserk. When toth berserks he will deal additional damage to the tank. If you have healing issues you can easily kite him or alternatively heal through it.
Toth - Aoe Stomp. Toth will do aoe damage to anyone close to him, it hits much harder during berserk.
Toth - Leap. Toth will leap to Zorn and anyone within 25m of the impact radius will recieve a "fearful" debuff which doubles all incoming damage to them. The leap is triggered when either Toth or Zorn reach the following health percentages: 85% 65% 45% and 25% and 5%.

Stategy #1 - 2xGroup Split - Switching. This is a sound tactic for any dps setup.
Divide your raid into two 4man groups. Each group should consist of a Tank, a Healer, and two DPS.
Every time Toth leaps to Zorn the two groups should switch positions and targets. This prevents anyone with the fearful debuff being near Zorn, and remove any chance of a 1 or 2 shot death because of it.

The group which starts on Toth will always be the one that is attacked by Zorn's rocks throw, so you can build that group accordingly and always know which group needs heal during this attack. For example you could take a sniper and use their shield cooldown during each rock throw, helping healers a lot. While this stategy might mean a dps loss due to movement and target switching, it helps the healers and is a lot more forgiving for mistakes.

Stategy #2 - Melee/Ranged Split. (Requires 2 melee/2ranged dps in 8man)
If you have this composision, then you will find this tactic a lot quicker and easier. Put your two ranged dps on Zorn, and your 2 melee dps on Toth throughout the entire fight. Your tank's will still switch bosses but everyone else will stay on their target.

Healers and ranged dps can sit in the middle between the two bosses and not have to move around. This means more heals, dps and less distraction. It allows everyone to focus on their rotations and surroundings much better. However, they must be sure that they are out of range of Toth's leap impact radius, or else risk dieing from the 'fearful' debuff when the bosses use one of their aoe abilities. This strategy requires careful positioning to pull off. Anyone caught by the fearful debuff will need to be extra careful not to be hit by the red circles and other abilities or risk being one shot.

You will also need to make sure both dps groups kill the bosses at about the same time, or else risking deaths on a soft enrage when one dies. Once you've killed both Toth and Zorn, an NPC will jump down from the cliff who commanded them. He is basically a tank and spank and you won't have any problems unless both your tanks are dead.

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