The Most Polite Robbery Ever





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Published on Sep 12, 2012

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What was said during the video:
Clerk: Thank you
Robber: Could you do me a favor?
Clerk: Yes
Robber: Could you empty that till for me please? Put it right here
Clerk: What till?
Robber: Till, right here. I'm robbing you, sir
Clerk: You sure?
Robber: Yes I'm sure
Clerk: Why do you want to do that?
Robber: Because I need the money. I've got kids that need to be fed, sir
Clerk: (indistinguishable)
Robber: I know. I know I am sir. I realize that. And I'm really, I really am sorry that I have to do this, but I have kids
Clerk: How about I give you 40 dollars and this is it
Robber: Well, I can't do that sir. I've got rent to pay, I got bills, and the kids need to eat
*Clerk empties till and hands over the money*
Robber: Thank you very much, I appreciate it, and I really am sorry. If I ever get back on my feet again, sir, I'll pay it back
Clerk: I'm sorry. God be with you, man
Robber: Thank you very much, and with you too
*Extreme awkward silence*

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The Most Polite Robbery Ever

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Comments • 2,694

Gabriel Vlogs
we can all say this is canada
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Charlie Dennis Seattle is close enough to the Canadian border
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Wordsmith Gobshite
He was later arrested for charmed robbery.
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firstname lastname
+Wordsmith Gobshite how do you come up with that joke? comedian? lol
Red Dot
+Wordsmith Gobshite xD Wrong but funng lol
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Alexander Rol
Only in Canada :D
View all 29 replies
Bob Bobson
+TheTokuin I give up.......
Cameron MacLean
+TheTokuin Again, so what if it's in the U.S? It's a joke, stop trying to make yourself sound like a genius by figuring that out, I'm sure he notices by now that it's not in Canada, but since it is a joke, there is no need of this whole debate.
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Extremely depressing how money drives people to do terrible things. The man had no other way (so to speak) to feed his kids and give them a decent life. guarantee you he didnt want to do it, you could hear it in his voice and what he said. He even said he would pay it back. Almost makes me want to cry, but I know that its not ok to rob and im not saying he had the right to do that to another man who could possibly be in the same position. Just really makes me sad to see those aspects of life.
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Zacchaeus Scott
+jubjublkm those sand nigger jokes are old asf. That's lame. 
Zacchaeus Scott
+jubjublkm stfu
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This shows that todays economy, anywhere, can lead good people to do terrible things..
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+MisterCreazil233 There's food stamps, welfare... schools, churches, shelters they ALL give out free assistance, especially to women and children!
+Matt Steiger link or bs ;3
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a robbery is a robbery, but would someone ever rob me I would like it to be him
Super Awesome Happy Channel
Classy as fuck.
Kevin Sarmiento
That was just sad
Tresa Lamb
Desperate people do desperate things. Even though it was wrong, I can't help but feel compassion for the robber.
Tresa Lamb
Maybe because his unemployment ran out, he can't find a job & needs to pay rent.  Do you have any idea the true unemployment in this country?  It's 24%.  Higher than the Great Depression.  The government ONLY counts people as being unemployed as long as they are receiving benefits.  As soon as the benefits run out, they're dropped from the stats.  In many states. if there is a man in the house, no welfare is given.  Food stamps, yes.  Churches can only help with food & a little on their utilities.  Schools in my state, NO.  That is why there are so many homeless families in this country right now.
+Tresa Lamb There's food stamps, welfare... schools, churches, shelters they ALL give out free assistance, especially to women and children! Why would he need to rob?
vKilling Corpes's Mom
Sir you're walking the wrong way. The exit is to your left...
He was gonna buy food in the same store so he'd "return" it.
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