"Our Baby Girl" Ch.45 (One Direction FanFic)





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Published on Aug 23, 2012

Camryn's POV- It was finally lunch time, so my class walked to the cafeteria with the rest of the grade. Once we arrived in the cafeteria I stood behind Audrey in line to buy my food. The line quickly moved so I got my lunch fast, and as soon as we had everything we needed we walked to find a table to sit at. "Oh, look there's a table with a couple spots open." Audrey pointed out. We went over to the table which already had about five girls sitting at it, and they sort of glared at us as we sat down. I smiled awkwardly at them, because I felt like they hated me but I still wanted to be nice. "Hey Melissa." Audrey said weakly. "Uh...hi" Melissa responded rudely making her four other friends laugh. I looked over at Audrey who sort of put her head down in embarrassment. I didn't even know this chick but I already had her figured out. She was one of those girls who thought she was all that, and put other people down to make herself look cool in front of her friends. People like that really irritate me. "Are you the new girl?" Melissa asked me. "Yeah, I'm Camryn." I said trying to act as nice as possible even though I already wanted to slap her. "I heard your brother is Niall from One Direction right?" she questioned me. "Yeah" I said relaxing a little bit. "Oh my god that is so cool!" one of her friends said making me smile. "Yeah, really cool. So my friends and I are having a sleep over this weekend, do you wanna join?" Melissa asked, but I could tell it wasn't very sincere. "Um, well I kind of already have plans." I told her. "You do?" she said a little put out by me. "Yeah, Audrey's sleeping over my house." I said making Audrey look up from eating her spaghetti. "I am?" she asked almost blowing my cover. I gave her a look as if to say "Just go with it", and I think she got the message. "Yes, remember we made plans earlier today?" I said with a fake chuckle. "Oh, yeah. Totally forgot." she said acting like she remembered. "Well, if you change your mind you can come over to my place. You know if you get bored or something." Melissa said giving Audrey a dirty look. "No I think I'll be fine, thanks though." I said making Melissa roll her eyes. Audrey smiled at me getting a kick out of Melissa being put in her place. The teachers released their classes to recess and Audrey and I laughed the whole way to the playground. "Man, did you see her face when you said no? It was priceless! No one says no to Melissa, ever. You got guts girl." Audrey chuckled. "Well she was being mean to you, and I don't like girls like that. It's probably better that we keep our distance from her; I can tell she's trouble." I informed her. As we walked out the double doors to go play the sun felt amazing on my skin. After being inside all day it felt so good to get some fresh air. Audrey and I sat down on a bench near the playground and talked, she already knew so much about me so I wanted to know more about her. I was listening to Audrey tell me about her family when all of a sudden Melissa and her crew walked up to us again. "Hey Camryn, wanna play with us?" she said completely interrupting Audrey. "Um I was kind of talking." Audrey said obviously agitated. Melissa completely ignored her and kept staring at me expecting an answer. "Listen Melissa, I don't really like how you're treating Audrey." I said quite frank with her. "Stop sticking up for her, you know she's just annoying you but you're too nice to say it to her face." Melissa said making me angrier. "That's not true, Audrey's my friend. The only one annoying me here is you." I said even shocking myself a bit. "Oh really? Why don't you do something about it then." Melissa fired back. "Look I'm not here to fight, just leave me and Audrey alone." I brushed her off. "Come on Camryn, I thought you were tough." Melissa said shoving my shoulder. That completely set me off, so I stood up and basically tackled her to the ground without saying a word. Before I could even lay a hand on her I felt someone lifting me off of her. "Let me go!" I screamed as they were dragging me back. The person set me down and I was trying hard to catch my breath. Mrs. Deegan ran up to me and grabbed my arm walking me back into the school before I could see who had taken me off of Melissa. I was forcefully brought to the principal's office and was told to be seated so they could call my parents. Shortly after Melissa also arrived in the office and was seated at the opposite side of the room. She kept a mean glare on her face towards me but I decided to look away to keep out of more trouble. I heard the principal on the phone with Niall for a long time, which freaked me out. "Your brother is on his way." Mrs. Anthony told me. It all hit me at once of what I had just done. I was gonna be in so much trouble when I got home. All I could do now was wait nervously for Niall to come get me.

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