How to solve a Rubik's Cube (Part Two)





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Published on Jun 22, 2007

Original 3x3x3: http://bit.ly/dqdirl
2x2x2: http://bit.ly/9QpNJe
4x4x4: http://bit.ly/c9ZSAv
5x5x5: http://bit.ly/azPAbV
6x6x6: http://bit.ly/9nfHnZ
7x7x7: http://bit.ly/aAo6un

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PART ONE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsQIoP...


1) Fi U Li Ui

2) Ri Di R D

3) U R Ui Ri Ui Fi U F

4) Ui Li U L U F Ui Fi

5) F R U Ri Ui Fi

6) R U Ri U R U U Ri

7) U R Ui Li U Ri Ui L

8) Ri Di R D

Song used in video:

"Funeral Thirst" by The Black Dahlia Murder

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Comments • 24,522

Chris Choi
lol, the first video had 29 million views and this one has 18 million. 11 million people gave up
Chef Ramsay
Chris Choi or took it apart
Madara Uchiha
Chris Choi lol
Marko Vico
Hopefully it will be helpful :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Level 1 Fi-U-Li-Ui Ri-Di-R-D ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Level 2 Ui-Li-U-L-U-F-Ui-Fi (Left) U-R-Ui-Ri-Ui-Fi-U-F (Right) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Level 3 -Making Cross *F-R-U-Ri-Ui-Fi  -If you have a L put it in the upper left corner  -If you have a line put horizontal position  -And if you have nothing   -If you get the cross just head to the next step -Cross fixing *R-U-Ri-U-R-U-U-Ri  -Line up the two side with the matching centers, so that one is opposite of    you and the other is right hand/side  -If they are opposite of each other place they so    that one of the is in the front and the other on the back   then you should get the normal way(the one above)     -If you have all the side matched with the center    then just head to the next step   Corner pieces position fixing *U-R-Ui-Li-U-Ri-Ui-L  -If you have no corner pieces  -If you have one corner pieces in the right    place, put him in the bottom right corner  -Ri-Di-R-D  -------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Ben Stainer
I actually wrote down everything you wrote and it was extremely helpful!!
Ben Stainer
It's ok I can solve it now ;)
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Francisco Salinas
The only video I can enjoy in 2016 that's 240p
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Tom Jankiewicz
Same here...I had to come back to it for a refresher!
Flip Tube
oh my gosh 240 p LOL
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Vince Galarza
i literally learned from this video 3 years ago and have solved a cube this exact way probably 1,000 times. If you do everything right it NEVER EVER fails. there is no exception i promise. if something is messed up you simply did it wrong. i know this like the back of my hand now and can do it in under a minute. i love this method and it always works
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Vince Galarza
i actually sometimes use it 4-5 times per corner i think. just until it's flipped right
Balázs Nagy
+Vince Galarza Hi Can I ask something Just befour the end he said I need to use the U R Ui Li U Ri Ui L algorithm to put the 4 corner in the right place, and he said I need to do it 1-2. not more. I do it but my corners are not good. (I have the blue + on the top and awerithing else done ) Can zou help me what I need to do.
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Damon Day
If you can't solve the Rubik's cube with this video, you simply didn't follow directions. Saying "this tutorial doesn't work" doesn't make any sense because he just showed you the whole process on video. I followed this guy's advice years ago and it works every time.
Fuzzy Green
or followed the directions incorrectly 
Thanks Dan Brown - I am the coolest kid at school now!
Ahmad Syukran
the last step ruined everything!!!!
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Ben Stainer
Dont worry i can solve it now
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Thank you so much Dan. First Rubik's cube solved: 21/04/14
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morlotov that was my birthday lol
Just had my first solve to!! Vid is very well organized and pretty easy to understand!!!
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Ps4 Gaming broadcasts
I am watching this in 2016
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Ps4 Gaming broadcasts
I am watching this in 47 BC guys!!... Ughhh...
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Highly recommend this guide over other videos.
Yea, me too, but I can get every layer solved ... that is except for the last two squares at the end ... but other than that I think that these vid's are fabulous
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