Leftists Booing During The Star Spangled Banner (national anthem)





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Published on Apr 17, 2011

Leftists and union supporters ringed the Tea Party rally in Madison on 04-16-2011. Here they are booing the national anthem. By the end of the anthem however they finally realized that maybe they should either be quiet or sing along.

UPDATE: Apparently this video is getting quite a number of hits and coverage on various blogs. It's being said that the counter-protesters are only booing because they don't know the anthem is playing. That is both right and wrong. There were no doubt people who couldn't hear the anthem because of the noise they were making, but there were also counter-protesters in my immediate area who could hear it as clearly as I could and continued to boo and make noise in spite of it. In any case, if you're going to show up somewhere with the express intent of shouting down the free speech of others, then you shouldn't be surprised when your actions are misinterpreted by those whose rights you're trampling.

While I sympathize with any counter protester who legitimately didn't know they were booing during the national anthem and is horrified that they are now being portrayed as despicable because of it... understand that you showed up Saturday with the expressed intent to shout down the free speech of others (the announcements on local union websites even said to bring drums, horns, and other noisemakers). Obstructing the free speech of others simply because you don't agree with it is just as despicable as booing the national anthem.

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