Webster Tarpley: Depression, Dictatorship & WW3





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Published on Sep 17, 2012

On today's show, Alex talks with historian and author Webster Tarpley about the situation in the Middle East.

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Comments • 388

michal mazur
spot on.. :-))
Alex... for godsakes, let your guests speak once in a while. This is supposed to be an interview. Even Piers Morgan at least had that courtesy for you - though he's still a twit.
Look up William Cooper's audio book of "Behold A Pale Horse" full length which is 2 hours and 7 minutes. Listen from the very beginning to the end and you will learn a lot. Big mouth, jar head Jones makes not much sense. Listen to the real person who even predicted 911. Jones is a big mouth jar head no nothing blubber. He is a fraud. He never lets the guests speak and so much is left out. Jones speaks like a Zionist Jew for sure which he is along with his Jew wife.
Tarpley is very interesting along with a lot of the guests but AJ gives me a mighty nasty headache and is an empty barrel that makes a lot of senseless noise. Bill Cooper was the best and he even predicted about the school shootings including Sandy Hook. Those are the masons who are at fault and they have infiltrated the highest positions in the Vatican. The Zionist Jews are the banksters of the Vatican and are screwing us all. George Washington warned everyone about the Jews along with Ford
I don't get what all the hatred is for Alex,not judging, but say it's true and he's obnoxious, at least he's doing something to wake people up, so unless you're chris duane or mike maloney or anyone else doing the same thing, shut up... 
I am going to limit my viewing of INFOWARS until I see a change in Alex's shameless self promotion and self aggrandizement. He is just getting annoying to the extreme. He is like some spoiled child who feels he is not getting enough attention.
Edward Blair
I like Tarpley 
i have nothing against christians or any other religion, but its not right how alex (and many other religious people, as well as atheists) push their beliefs on others and act superior and treat you as inferior for not believing in EXACTLY the same ideals
The Ranchman
I would have said all but the insult to Christians. BTW, I like Alex Jones, but I agree he's a little "over passionate" if you will. He needs to tone it down a notch.
For your awakening and enlightenment.. Alex is REVELATION 4..
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