The Secret Ch.47





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Published on Sep 7, 2012

*Taylor's House*
Sophia:I'm going to kill Mikey!
Mary:What if he doesn't have his cellphone?
Madison:Sophia Please
Sophia:What if he doesn't want to be with me?
*Nick's House*
Ile:Are you Vincent?
Vincent:Mom? What's wrong with her?
Mikey:She lost her memory
Ile:I'm sorry I don't know you
-ding dong-
Nick:-opens the door- Hey Sophia
Nick:shh Nicole is sleeping
Mikey:Hey baby -tries to kiss Sophia- What's wrong?
Sophia:You haven't called me
Mikey:Mom lost her memory & I was helping her
Sophia:I didn't know...-jumps & Kisses Mikey-
Ile:Who are you? Why are you kissing my son?
Sophia:I'm Sophia..I'm Mikey's girlfriend
Ile:Don't you have shame? Look at what you're wearing
Mikey:Mom! stop!
Sophia:what's wrong with my clothes?
Ile:You have a mini-skirt & a tank top...& You're on top of my son making out with him...
Sophia:Are you calling me a slut or something?
Ile:No..But I think you should dress more dessent
Mikey:-takes her hand- C'mon let's go outside
Sophia:-goes with Mikey-
Mikey:I am so sorry
Sophia:She called me a slut
Mikey:No she didn't
Sophia:-kisses Mikey- I love you
Mikey:I love you! I'm sorry
Sophia:It's ok... I have to go -leaves-
Mikey:I can't belive you did that
Ile:Michael go to your room
Mikey:What? NO!
Vincent:Don't yell at her
Mikey:What are you gonna do about it?
Vincent:-punches Mikey- That!
Nick:-helps Mikey up- DON'T FIGHT
Vincent:You're right...That little bitch can't beat me up -goes upstairs-
Mikey:Can I kill him?
Nick:Go to your room
Ile:Where Am I going to sleep?
Nick:With me?
Nick:I'm your husband
Ile:No you aren't
Nick:Yeah I Am
Ile:Look at my phone's wallpaper -shows him a picture of Her & Madison kissing- That's Not you
Nick:Sleep wherever you want!
Ile:Thank You -sits in the couch with Nicole-
Nick:-goes to his bedroom-
*The next day* 1:00 *
-ding dong-
Madison:Hey Ile..I'm sorry
Ile:Who are you?
Madison:-kisses her-
Ile:-slaps him- What are you doing?
Madison:Kissing My Girlfriend
Ile:I'm married...
Madison:What's wrong with you?
Ile:What's wrong with you!
Madison:I don't understand
Ile:-takes out her phone & sees her wallpaper- Oh ! That's you! & me!
Nick:-sees Madison- What are you doing here?
Madison:I'm here to see my girlfriend
Nick:Funny...Yesterday you were with Taylor
Ile:Who's Taylor?
Madison:What's wrong with her?
Nick:She lost her memory
Ile:-takes Madison's Hand-
Nick:Ileana what are you doing?
Ile:He's my boyfriend
Nick:I'm so Telling Taylor
Madison:Don't you dare!
Nick:I am! -takes out his phone-
Madison:-takes Ile's hand & drives away-
Nick:-runs- WAIT!
*Car Ride*
Ile: Where are we going?
Madison:On a adventure
Ile: Where?
Madison: Far away from here
Madison: I can't do this anymore...I Hate my family
Ile:You have a family?
Madison:Two Girls & two boyz
Ile: Why about there mother?
Madison: She's dead...
Ile: Oh...What about that Taylor chick?
Madison: Umm...She's my made
Ile: I need to go back
Madison: -stops the car- Why?
Ile: I have a baby & 2 sons
Madison: Get out
Ile: But...
Madison: Get out of my car
Ile:-gets out- I hate you!
Madison:-drives away-
Ile:-tries to walk home but she doesn't know where it is- Oh no!
Ile:Do I know you?
Chris:Ileana it's me..Chris!
Ile:I'm sorry...I lost my memory yesterday...I think
Chris:You lost?
Ile:Yes! Do you know where I live?
Chris:No Sorry....
Ile:I live with umm... Nick Alamia


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