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Published on Aug 22, 2011

My second Boxxy remix, background music is from Eminem song "My name is". =)

In early-January 2009, Catherine "Catie" Wayne arrived on the scene and promptly fractured the unofficial peace treaty in the ongoing newfag/oldfag (actually all the same) wars with her character whom she would later state was intended to be a parody of her younger self. To the newfags -sorry- oldfags, she was representative of everything that is wrong about the 'new /b/' whilst to the other newfags, she was some kind of poster girl for change from the ugly, vile, disgusting underbelly of the Internets that /b/ once was.

Most /b/tards' first encounter with Boxxy was when some wannabe oldfag - a pioneering Boxxy-hater - around New Years 2009, decided to start a "YOU RAGE YOU LOSE"-thread. The OP had Boxxy's face as the thread image, and linked to one of her youtube videos. Needless to say, this wannabe rage-thread backfired horribly, with the otherwise puppy-raping, scat-eating Anon giving responses like "she's kind of cute lol". Two years later, with hourly Boxxy threads still trolling oldfags into uncontrollable rage fits, it was safe to conclude that the original "rage"-thread may have been one of the biggest fail threads on the history of the internet as we know it.

Boxxy's videos actually came out a year before this incident. The story starts with a Gaia Online user, "MoldyLunchBoxx", making a Quest to raise money and buy stuff for her avatar. While collecting donations, she made two vids to her friends, perhaps as some sort of payment. Originally posted in January, 2008 on the YouTube channel 'boxxybabe', they received little attention for a year till they were embedded onto I-am-bored.com on December 27th, 2008. Soon they were discovered by someone at 7chan and subsequently embedded into the top of their /b/ board. This coincidentally came at a time that 4chan was down for maintenance and 7chan was flooded with refugees from the former.

When 4chan was back online, Boxxy became an "If your rage you lose" and an "If you fall in love you lose" endurance test. One group of /b/tards lost and fell in love, and the other group of /b/tards lost by raging. The two sets of losers where headed for conflict, egged on by a third group in the middle, neither in love nor exactly raging; but seeing an opportunity for the lulz.

Meanwhile, a bunch of newfags spammed "4CHAN.ORG LOL I TROLL 1 & 2" in the comments on her videos. Somewhat scared, she closed the "boxxybabe" YouTube account and came to /b/ on January 7th, to lurk about her supposed Queen condition. Suddenly enjoying her 15 minutes of fame, she posted links to two of her pics. Of course, they called her a troll since nobody believed it was really her. So she created a new YouTube account called "boxxybabee" (with two e's) and uploaded her infamous third vid where she acknowledged it was her the one who posted the links to her pics. Brix were shat.

I was surprised to see that, for all its posturing, /b/ really does hold one thing sacred: its "bad muthafucka" image of itself. /b/ really believes that it's frightening, that it's tougher than a Ford Chevy, that it's badass masculinity personified, in a sense. And, before, there were very few ways to disrupt this image, to give it a good hard kick in the shins.

And then Boxxy came along. Boxxy love is everything /b/ hates - passive, gentle, adorable, sweet. It gives without asking, it loves without asking in return. Instead of being aggressively faux-adult, it's happily faux-childlike. That's why Boxxy became a meme - because she DIDN'T want the attention; because she provided no pics (as the /b/tards will attest). As a result, Boxxy turned into the most successful way to troll the /b/tards ever devised. It actually makes the gore and violence and sexism and racism fantards squeal, because it hits them where it hurts - in their image of themselves. How can they be tough, scary guys when their favorite hangout is one long love poem to Boxxy love? So that's why I love Boxxy - the sound of /b/'s humiliation is sweet music to my ears.

It may be difficult to believe, but some people don't like Boxxy. She has been called the cancer that is killing /b/ among other things. Currently 4chan is in RAGE mode over the fact that on January 10th 2009 at least 50% of the threads on their /b/ board were about Boxxy, either pro or against. This amount of Boxxy on /b/ caused a war on 4chan that led to them destroying themselves for a whole 4 hours due to DoS.


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