【PV大合唱】Kagerou Days カゲロウデイズ【50人+α Synth手描き】Full translated Chorus





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Published on Mar 13, 2012

Kagerou Days Manga: http://kissmanga.com/Manga/Kagerou-Days
Mekakucity Actors Anime http://kissanime.com/Anime/Mekakucity...

This is the well known Heat-Haze Days / Kagerou Days Chorus grabbed from Nico Nico Douga with a very special and dramatic PV, sung by 50 people and orchestreal/synth instrumentals. Now with english sub/subs.

A shiver ran down my spine....


Watch with care, this is somewhat thrilling!

MP3: https://mega.co.nz/#!UhdHRRzT!LtDUFQY...

Mixed by cherry http://www.nicovideo.jp/user/23846541
Original: ◆本家様【sm15751190】
Video: ◆素敵なPV様【sm16450214】
Instrumentals ◆素敵なアレンジ音源様【sm15811087】
Singers: ◆歌い手様(敬称略)
ぼろん (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrtaeh...) / 石敢當 / あう(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyFg22...) / KK / mea / shino / teksy / yudai / けったろ / クノール / ikutan / しま太 / 紫蓮 / あにま / イナカモノ / エスペイ / こ~ら / しぶしぶ / くろど / スタンガン / プリクマー / サリコ / 鳥子 / NO=L / 光知憂 / 抱きしめたトゥナイト / 僕は妹 / 霙/アマネ / まじ娘 / きー助 / そらる / ビビ / 灯油 / まふまふ / □しろくろ■ / ゆりん / ふぁいぼん / フジクラ / ラピス / ゆう十 / りもこん / 窓付き@ / 足首 / れのあ / 溝 / 梨 / はるの / S!N / ニックチョッパー

Translated Lyrics:

On August 15th, 12:30 in the afternoon,
The weather was incredibly nice
And amidst the sickening rays of the dazzling sun
I spoke with you, for I had nothing else to do

"Well, y'know, I kind of hate summer,"
You boldly murmured while petting a cat

Ah, you pursued that cat as it ran away from you
And what jumped out was the traffic light that changed to a glaring red

Suddenly, a truck came out of nowhere and struck you as you screamed
Your scent, now mingled with sprayed blood, choked me
In the haze of lies, the haze of heat laughed, "This is all real!"
With that, like a cricket's sound being disturbed, the light blue of summer darkened away

I woke up upon my bed to the sound of a ticking clock
What time is it now?

On August 14th, sometime past 12 in the morning
I recalled the sound of an awfully annoying cricket

But, y'know, it's a little strange.
Yesterday, in a dream, I saw us walking in this same exact park
"Why don't we go home now?" The second you stepped off the pathway,
Everyone surrounding us turned their heads up to the sky and opened their mouths

From the sky, down dropped an iron pole that pierced your body straight through
The sound of windchimes and your ripping screams filled the spaces between the park trees
In this unnatural scene, the shimmering heat laughed, "This is the real thing!"
As my vision blurred away, I glanced at your profile, and thought I saw you smiling

Countless times have had me black out in the laughing heat like this
This cycle has repeated for decades. I'd realized that a long time ago.

In this kind of clichéd story, there must only be one ending.
Beyond this repeating summer day, it has to exist.

Suddenly, I pushed you aside and jumped into the street; at that moment, the truck slammed into me
Your eyes and my twisted body were like hazy reflections of the blood that sprayed everywhere
If that praiseful heat haze laughed, "Serves you right!" again

Then this would be what you'd call a normal summer day.
But all of that ended today.

On August 14th, a girl awoke upon her bed
And she said,

"I failed this time, too..." as she cradled a single cat.

I do not own or create this video. I only grabbed it from Nico Nico while having goosebumps~
Ah well and I subbed it, ofc.


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