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Uploaded on Aug 15, 2011

Conversation Piece is available now on Doghouse Records. Get it from MerchNOW (http://bit.ly/oUo1dH), SmartPunk (http://bit.ly/qcRyKs) or iTunes http://bit.ly/rjz1kG


Il était une fois
When learning how to crawl became a substitute for walking
Biting my tongue a fair exchange for talking to myself
Knocking pictures off the shelf and swallowing the frames
Spilling wine to comment on the stain
I need a mind erase option, less air to the brain
If God was alive he would've amended us but then again no one has it as bad as I have or ever will to the extent that if I have to finish this, I might have to leave everything else undone
And it's all numb anyway.
I can see our life before my eyes and it looks real
Sunrise; an easy thing to steal
I'll drive! I'm best behind the wheel
Besides, I get confused and I'll need you to navigate the complicated courts and lanes that crowd this place
I swear to God the street signs change when my eyes close
They're not the same.
They're not the same
I get lost easily
I get lost easily
Help guide me home please
Help guide me home please
I always take the fall! Why are you always getting sick? The complications won't solve itself!
I always take the fall! Why are you always getting sick? The complication won't solve itself!
We used to sing our song and what it meant to us and it's gone and every emotion, that all went along with it. It's gone. I shared it all with you. You said you'd love me too. So love me too.
Are you crawling away or is it time to go through? Were we always this way or was I too fucked up to know?
I sang your favorite song. You told me it was too long. I asked you what was wrong. The list goes on and on...


To the fish in the sea, put your mouths on my hook. If I'm soft, will you give me the medusa look? Well, your dress lit the floor on fire when it touched. So my little black book, how it shook, how it shook, how it shook shook shook shook SHOOK!
I heard that sometimes you like to suffocate. Cry out to me oh won't you please. Speak to me oh GREAT DANE WHILE I RIDE THE MAIN VEIN.
When I write about you honey, oh the ink just runs off the page. Wow, what subject matter but by no means be FLATTERED BY THERE'S BRUISES ON YOUR LEGS.
What a clever trick! Drop in with a bowl of cherries telling me I have to pick, but how could you not see the locks on the door? There's no turning back. You'll get all that you wanted and more! So pick up the rope and wear it. If your friends want the noose, will you share it?
Ooh, baby you just don't do me right! Maybe we can try one more time.
Put your spine right on the dotted line.
Ring around the right posy, woesy and whimsy wire line. That's just about the right time to make you mine, all mine.
Time and energy all for nothing. I should've listened to my intuition. Now I'm stuck under the floorboards but they're splitting as you're stripping down to
Vines and melody, they surround you. Sometimes I wonder if your trap really worked. Are you the remedy? Sensual medicine? If so, prep the patient for a long shot.
Lay down where you please, on your back.
La la la la.
I am the dog drooling tar on the nape of your neck.
I eat emotional wrecks and yours is the best. You know I tried. You know I tried.
I've got a pocketful of dark black pickup lines that I want to spill down the well of your throat like a pile of ants in an alien line to see what they do. To see what they find. Will you just let them decline? I spiked both our drinks with a gallon of ink, now I'm writing a novel from your insides.
We're a spider with our limbs doing anything but walking.
A conversation with our mouths doing anything but talking.
Hey, take off the rope! You've worn it and after all, it was boring. I think I'm falling asleep.


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