English Phrasal Verbs - Unit 1

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Publicado el 22 dic. 2007

give in (to)
When someone pressures or forces you to do something or allow something even though you do not want to, you give in.
My son drove me crzy asking me to buy him a new bicycle, and I finally gave in.
The strike lasted for eight months, but the company never gave in to the workers' demands.

fall for
When someone successfully tricks or deceives you, you fall for the trick or deception or you fall for it.
I feel like an idiot. The salesman promised me it was a real diamond, not glass, and I fell for it.
Your girlfriend told you that guy she was dancing with at the party was her brother? How could you fall for a story like that?

doze off
When you fall into a light sleep, you doze off.
I went to a movie last night, but it was so boring I dozed off.
If I have a drink at lunch, I'm sure to doze off at my desk.

come off
When something comes off, it becomes detached from what it was attached or fastened to.
Be careful with this old book. The cover is coming off.
That paint won't come off your hands unless you use turpentine.

come off
When an event comes off, it is successful.
The attack didn't come off the way the general planned it.
I tried telling a few jokes but they didn't come off.

come off
Used to tell someone that you do not believe what they are saying is true, or that you strongly disagree with them.
Ask Simon to cook the meal? Come off it, he can hardly boil an egg!
It's 2:00 A.M., you come home smelling like beer, and you say you were working late at the office? Oh, come off it!

put on
When you organize or perform something for other people's entertainment, such as a play or a concert, you put it on.
The club put on a show to raise money for the party.
That opera hasn't been put on in more than 200 years.

put on
To persuade someone that something is true when it is not, usually as a joke.
That's your new car? You're having me on!
Don't put me on -- tell me the truth.


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