Maybe It's Just Me A Jonas Love Story Chapter 3 Part 2





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Uploaded on Sep 21, 2009

Recap: Alexa met Nick and they hit it off, Nick and his brothers are going to meet Alexa, Demi, Selena, and Hayleigh at the waterpark. Right now Alexa and Nick are going to their houses to get ready.
Alexa's POV
I was walking away from Nick when I remembered that I knew absolutely nothing about his brothers.

Regular POV
Alexa- *turns around and yells* Hey Nick
Nick- *turns back and jogs over to her* What's up Lexi?
Alexa- I don't know anything about your brothers... anything I need to know?
Nick- Well, I have 3, Kevin, Joe and Franklin. Kevin's 25, Joe's 23, and Franklin's 13. That what you need to know?
Alexa- *thinking, Oh. My. Gosh. This is so perfect!! Hayleigh and Franklin....and then there's Selena and Demi and...* Um, Yeah, I think so, thanks. But I'm gonna let my friends be a surprise for you. *smirks*
Nick- Oh, nice. *sarcastic, but joking* But it's okay. I'm always in for a good surpise. *smiles* I'll see you in an hour.
Alexa- Yeah. See you.
Alexa POV
I didn't realize I was staring at him walking down the street until my phone rang. It was Hayleigh.
"Where the heck are you?!?! Sel called me 20 minutes ago about the waterpark! Hurry up!!!" She practically barked through the phone. "Hayleigh, calm down. I'll be there in like 10 minutes. I... ran into someone." I smiled. "You met a boy...I want detalis." I could feel Hayleigh smirking through the phone. "Oh, shut up Hayles. Don't change into your swimsuit just yet. I have an early brithday present for you." "Oooh, presents. Bye." She hung up. I chuckled to myself and went to Dad's house for the clothes. When I was at the end of the driveway, I texted Hayleigh to open the door. By the time I was at the door, Hayleigh had opened it and was dragging me inside.

Normal POV

Hayleigh- *crosses her arms, but semi-joking* Present. Now.
Alexa-Ok, ok. Here. *hands her the bag*
Hayleigh- Yay! Blue! Be right back. *goes upstaris to change*
Alexa- I'll change in the bathroom.
Hayleigh- *yells from upstairs* Don't care!
Both come from their respective rooms.
Hayleigh's outfit- http://twoak.com/ebbi
Alexa's outfit - http://twoak.com/dgdc
Both- Whoa. You look awesome!!
Alexa- The blue looks so good on you! I'm a genius!
Hayleigh- Ha ha, don't flatter yourself. It wouldn't look nearly as good if I weren't wearing it. *joking*
Alexa- *laughs* Anyway, Selena just called, they'll be here in 15 minutes. What do you want to do?
Hayleigh- As if you don't already know.
Both- Rock Band. *laughs*
They play Rock Band until Selena and Demi show up.
Selena- *opens the door* Lexi? Hayles, you guys here?
Demi- *walks in behind her* They're in the video game room playing Rock Band. I can hear "Here Comes the Sun" from here.
*They walk to the back of house*
Hayleigh is jumping up and down, while Alexa is standing in front of her with her arms crossed, looking annoyed. Neither of them notice that Selena and Demi are in the room.*
Hayleigh- Haha I beat you!!!
Alexa- Are you done? We both know it was a fluke, my guitar strap fell off and I had to pick it up... on top of that, you won by 2 notes.
Demi/Selena- *laughs*
Alexa/Hayleigh- *notice they are in the room and blush the same shade of red*
Alexa- Sorry you guys had to see that, eh heh.
Hayleigh- Yeah...
Selena- 'S ok.
Demi- Yeah, let's just get out of here.
Alexa- KK. Let's take my car... It's a perfect day to put the top down. *They all go to the garage*
Alexa's Car- http://twoak.com/gdzf
Selena- Dude. I still can't believe you have this car.
Alexa- It pays to have your dad know the CEO of Chevy...
Hayleigh- But you paid for half of it yourself!!!
Alexa- Yeah, thanks... I'd rather not talk about it guys... remember?
Demi- Right. So? Let's go!!
Selena and Hayleigh- SHOTGUN!! *Glare at each other*\
Alexa- Umm, neither of you are sitting up front, you guys know the rules for my baby. Navigator sits up front. Demi?
Demi- On it.
Alexa- Great! *starts the car*
Everyone else gets in the car, they start driving, Hayleigh turns on the radio from the back, radio comes on, there's an interview.
Radio host- And we are back on 99.7 today's hits with band The Jonas Brothers, guys how are you?
??? 1- We're good, It's great to be here.
RH- Okay, so guys, you're new to the music scene, how have you been dealing with it?
??? 2- Well, we've just been trying to stay grounded, you know, hanging out with friends and family, in fact, we're actually planning to go out with some friends later today....
Alexa- *thinking* That's weird, he sounds like Nick... there's no way.
RH- Oooh, any girls involved in this group?
??? 2- Uh, a few, but there's nothing going on between us, we're just friends.
The long awaited chapter!!! Comment?

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