"Yoga Boner" Jelly Donut (feat. Daveed Diggs)





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Published on Oct 19, 2012

When Jelly Donut & Daveed Diggs are the only dudes in a class of beautiful yoga girls, they rise to the occasion. Get it?

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Co-Director/ Writer: Andrew Bancroft (Jelly Donut)
Co-Director/ DP: Jason Ragosta
Editor: Albert Lopez
Starring: Daveed Diggs & Andrew Bancroft
Yoga Instructor: Lucy Owen
Yoga Goddess, female vocals: Audio Angel
Yoga girls: Shaye Troha, Sarah Mitchell, Lauren Nagel, Helen Nesteruk, Leslie Waggoner, Nicole Socia, Julia Allison, Jalene Goodwin, Fhay Arceo, Amy Karle
Props/Boner Wrangler: Sig Hafstrom
Visual FX: Ty Bardi
Song Audio: Luke Dillon, Nic DeMatteo
Video Audio/Mixing: Dave Baker
First AC/Gaffer: Juli Lopez
Makeup: Margaret Caragan
Sound on set: Wes Sneeringer
Key Grip: Nick Sage
Additional Thanks: PJ Koll, Genevieve McCarty, Tony Aldrich, GS&P, and hot Yogis everywhere


JELLY: Shit! I got a yoga boner Teacher? want to get up on her Students? I wanna tap these ladies
on their backs in a happy baby

DIGGS: damn, I got a yoga stiffy... this situation's iffy if these new age chicks take a look at my dick
stickin out, shit they gon hit me

JELLY: ooh, I want to do you women
woo you outta your lulu lemon

DIGGS: Damn it, Janet! I cannot handle
ya camel toe when ya land in camel

JELLY: Sasha, I don't mean to harass ya but i love yo ass-uh, when you do a vinyasa

DIGGS: Uhh... that ain't a thing.

BOTH: Oouu! the way you bend like a pretzel it's hella sexual What my gonna DO? (whisper: I'm confused.) i want to get next to you can i interest you in a Yoga Boner-er-er-er?!

DIGGS: That's what we call the hook of the song... Where's Jelly?

JELLY: floatin with my third eye open
hopin my third leg gets some gropin

INSTRUCTOR: picture yourself on a prana ocean

JELLY: keep talkin like that, i'll blow my load, hun

DIGGS: I can't believe this shit's in Oakland

JELLY: I can't believe my hips are open!

INSTRUCTOR: your inner-child will rise to meet us

JELLY: not to mention my inner pe-nus

DIGGS: i want a yoga hotty, one with a yoga body

JELLY: and she hasta be a jedi masta
'cause she talks like Yoda only sorta naughty

DIGGS: i'll give ya a spank holdin' plank

JELLY: i like your dolphin, you come here often?

DIGGS: bro, let me get my hands on those

JELLY: dude, hold up, that's child's pose

BOTH: cock block!

BOTH: Heh... What?
Oouu! good goddess good gracious your taint is right where my face is Boo! (whisper: can i call you boo?) I will be a warrior for you I'll be a warrior too with my Yoga Boner-er-errrr!

JELLY: Hold up... why they all lookin at me Like the whole class is about ta slap me

DD: dude, you know what they say ya can't spell Namaste without most ah nasty so what up girl let's do this

JELLY: smoke some Buddha, ya sexy Buddhists.

DD: aren't you hippies mostly nudists?

ALL GIRLS: No...we were sent here by Shiva to destroy you.

BOTH: Ohh... you're even more sexy
When you're snappin my neck
I think you broke my nose
You don't know what you do to me
I'm bleeding profusely from my Yoga Boner-er-errrr!

JELLY: If this is chattar-WRONG-ah... i don't want to be right.

DIGGS: Girl, you don't love me. You just love my downward doggystyle


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