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Uploaded on Apr 9, 2008

USA and Aliens Grays Ships proof Real

Free Palestine, remembering Rachel Corrie

here I want to share 2 important pics for history
Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain, no fake here
Here is Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and Charles Steinmetz as they appeared in 1921, in a visit to the transoceanic station, at New Brunswick, NJ

+ and extra ;p it is an animated one
this one is of Mark Twain but it reminds me so much of George Carlin since George won the Mark Twain prize in the Kennedy Center

video of a massacre of 2 jounalists in Iraq by USA military, wikileaks don't trust alex jones he is a cia as Hal Turner turned to be an fbi agent
Collateral Murder - Wikileaks - Iraq

Alex Jones is a CIA agent, after wikileaks released a document showing that CIA wanted to destroy wikileaks several websites began claiming that wikileaks is a hoax and a man appeared in Alex Jones show, saying that it was not true about CIA agents or government agents being after wikileaks but after this wikileaks released the collateral video, and then Alex Jones changed and began talking about how the government is really evil by killing civilians, when days before that a cia agent was in his show saying that wikileaks is a hoax
9 points to show he is a cia agent

1 Has close ties with Hollywood actors (Charlie Sheen became the highest paid sitcom actor after he revealed "his" thoughts on 9/11)

2 Promotes and was paid to promote a presidential candidate that never had a chance of winning

3-Does not support other alternative media web sites

4-Sites critical of Jones never last long and mysteriously cease activity (Wing tv is a good example)
5- He receives mainstream media attention, FOX NEWS.

6- Refuses to enter into live debate about his CIA (and other) connections such as Project Mockingbird

7-Plagiarized William Cooper and took credit for his work. William Cooper was killed after he correctly "predicted" 9/11 and raised questions about Alex Jones. Jones of course takes credit for "predicting" 9/11, when in fact Cooper made the revelation 1 month before Jones.

8-Has connections to Clear Water, who essentially own him

9-Started "a war" (his words, not mine) with Wikipedia and demanded his followers post links to his web site. More recently, CIA interest in Wikipedia has reached the mainstream and damning evidence pointing to their deliberate editing of pages is rife.

Sadam and Osama cartoon TVfunhouse banned
SNL- Conspiracy Theory Rock TVFUNHOUSE permabanned banned censored by NBC
mirror link
Torboto the robot that tortures people
Divertor TVFUNHOUSE *click video to download *
Robert F. Kennedy speech ~ Mindless Menace of Violence

Bill Hicks "life is just a ride"

dane cook stole jokes from Louis CK
dane cook intshit as Bill Maher, some ppl compare him to george or bill hicks rofl stupid noobs stop being fanboys or soccer moms

war in iran already

very simple
religions vs atheism
democrats vs republicans
good vs evil
west side vs east side
communism vs democracy
capitalism vs socialism
jews vs arabs

best of george

USA wants to start another war, Iran

RIP George Carlin the modern philosopher
he does not want to be famous and I just said he is the best comedian in the world maybe because I can't explain what he is, he is like a modern philosopher
George Carlin
Dane Cock sucks rofl , Chappelle, Carlos Mencia, Louis CK Bobby lee are good comedians but not compared to George, he is more than a comedian

bills hicks Sean Penn Chris Rock Bill Maher
Mitch Hedberg

9/11 inside job
I may add others, but I encourage YOU to seek out your own information.

respect to Keith Olbermann

Pat Tillman killed just to rise emotion for young people to join the army

halliburton is owned by Dick Cheney


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