1. Huge Announcement: Larry King to Moderate Debate with Third Party Candidates (Obama/Romney Invited)!

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  3. Illegal to Live as a Catholic in Canada All in the Name of Freedom!

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  8. Another Murder by Cop?! National Guardsman is Shot in the Stomach While In Car.

  9. LISTEN: Gold is NOT the answer and the Federal Reserve is NOT the only problem!

  10. The Josh Tolley Show - Oct 3 Hour 1 (Spying on your kids, Drug Cases Corrupted, China and More)

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  15. Murder by Cop continues!

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  17. Share With the Stupid People Before They Vote! Muslims, Christians, Jews, Dems/Repubs

  18. You Are Now REQUIRED BY THE EPA to Buy a Minimum of 4 Gallons of Gas - Gov Out of Control

  19. Election 2012 Update: Barack Obama Hopes Beautiful Women Render You Stupid

  20. This Could Be You! Gun Owners are Guilty Until Proven Innocent (non-gun owners too)!

  21. Over $1 Quadrillion Worth of Diamonds! Is This Why Russia is Acting Bold?

  22. Tim Turner -- Republic For The United States President Facing 164 Years in Prison

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  26. Huge Announcement: Presidential Debate To Allow Third Party Candidates!!! Get the Word Out!

  27. ALERT: (9/11/12) An Israel Attack on Iran is Imminent! Obama Deal is Only Variable!

  28. Developing Race War In The U.S. That YOU Are Not Being Told About! Could This Really Be Happening?

  29. Ron Paul Endorses Gary Johnson?!

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  43. UPDATE: Brandon Raub Update from Cathleen Thomas (His Mother) 8/21

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  47. Genetic Modification for Ethics, 40 Arrested in the Streets, Atheists in Church & Food for Thought

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  50. Paul Ryan Smacked By Liberty!

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  57. Energy Edge Technology Interview with Dr. Ben Chavis - Entrepreneurship Powers Energy!

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  59. Palm Beach County Business Development Board - Kelly Smallridge

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  63. Just Some Good Talk Radio

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  76. Two More Unarmed Men Shot by Police in Different Cites - One Already Cuffed!

  77. Colorado Killer - Media Helps Him Get One More Victim...YOU!! Body Armor Taken From You Next?!

  78. Keeping Athletes and Celebrities Out of Trouble - Finanical and Otherwise

  79. Conspiracy Theories are NOT Theories After all? Investigator Doug Hagmann Exposes Alarming Truths!

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  81. Cops Shoot Wrong Man - AGAIN!

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