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How to Talk to Girls





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Published on Jan 17, 2012

Good Mythical Morning Episode 7! Rhett & Link discuss their experience with "Miss Perfect." Comment below and tell us what makes talking to girls so intimidating. SUBSCRIBE for daily episodes: http://bit.ly/subrl2

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Comments • 5,050

All the girls commenting like: "Just do it, the worst that could happen is that she'll say no" Easier said than done... Being rejected isn't something guys just brush of their shoulder and move on, subconsciously your brain sees it as a failure. Now I know it's better to try and fail than to fail to try but I just want to add some perspective that it's not as "effortless" and "simple" as some girls tend to believe. Whats stopping you from asking a guy on a date? Consider that and you'll quickly realise it's "easier said than done" It's a basic human fear, the fear of failure and we all have it  (some more than others) So while I do believe guys need to take a risk now and then and it will pay off, girls need to understand that we are fighting a instinctive nervousness that can only be tamed by experience and success in our attempts.  
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Don't take this the wrong way, Link, but in this episode you look like Velma from scooby doo. 
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AnimeGirl 10907
Black Butler Lover With Balloon Rebecca- Greetings fellow anime lover
Black Butler Lover With Balloon Rebecca
Clementine OMG!! HE DOES!!! 😲
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Princess Bubblegum
When Rhett said "I like your boots", I thought he said "I like your boobs". +Good Mythical Morning
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anymous, illuminati,etc
Greta the killjoy hello I'm a killjoy too, also a youngblood
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YouTube Playlists
47 shows down ??? to go. on a mission, to watch every episode, ever made by Rhett and Link. Who's with ME on this Mythical journey?. Please Like and Comment. 
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kittycat Pink
YouTube Playlists I am too
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The real question is why Link has a cardigan with his initials on it. . . 
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Jenna Augsburger
Link's got it right - I would love if a guy followed up a seemingly lame compliment with "I just needed a reason to talk to you."😍
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Giorne Ganz
+Luna Graceling uhhhhh... so your name starts with an L... ummm... so that's pretty.... uh... that's pretty cool.
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•Staryyo Meemo•
Don't say "I like your boots" Someone said that and I thought they said boobs... So I slapped them O3O
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GloryHeart BrightNightcore
•Staryyo Meemo• someone once said to me I like your skirt but I was wearing jeans and then they told me that was just an excuse to talk to me, and that is the story of how i met one of my best friends.
Running Ash
I agree
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Lyrico AJ
link is an expert at what people put on their bookpacks these days, apparently.
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Ella Dinkins
Guys calm down they said bookpacks because that's what Link says in the video
Ahmed Adel
+Firdaus Fauzi backpack?
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Luna The Wolf x3
I have no idea why guys are so afraid to talk to us girls; we aren't going to bite. We especially don't like it when guys act all nervous around us, and act like someone they're not. Plus if the girl is a biatch then the guy knows she is not the one for him.
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If a girl wants to see what a guy is really like, naturally, then she has to do a test engagement when he is off guard. Ask a momentous question that will make him think hard about the answer. See if he tries to go the sappy fake route; or gives an honest natural response. If he snaps into an instantaneous false self then he is probably a hard case player who doesn't feel confident in showing a genuine side of himself. And he deserves to be rejected time and time again to break him of his pretense.
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Yung Matsuda
Because girls are pretty and you don't want to scare pretty things away. Simple.
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