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Uploaded on Sep 1, 2011

Ch. 9 :) Sorry it took so long!

Ch. 9

*They Walk to Build-A-Bear*
Mikey: Hey Jordan, I will buy one and we can make it together if you want!
Jordan: Sounds like a plan Stan!
Marie: I will just stay out here...
*They go inside*
Mikey: How about this tan bear?
Jordan: That is just what I was thinking, it's sooo cute!!!
Mikey: Lets go get it stuffed.
Worker: So what brings you two here? Is it you anniversary or something?!
Jordan: Oh no, we aren't dating...
Mikey: YET! *Realizes he said it out loud*
Jordan: *Blushes*
Worker: *Laughs* Here, you each get a heart and you get to make a wish on it, then we will stuff them in the bear and they will come true!

I silently wished that Mikey would ask me out! He was sweet. caring, yet funny, a great dancer, and just plain HOT! Mikey was my kind of perfect (Just thought I'd add that in there since it is the name of her story!:)!

Mikey: I wish that Jordan would go on a date with me... *Smiles at Jordan* What did you wish for?
Jordan: Yes Spikey, I will! And it just came true... *Smiles*

Right there in the middle of Build-A-Bear Mikey picked me up and spun me around, announcing to everyone that he was the luckiest man alive. In reality, I thought I was. That was the moment that I Jordan, fell in love with Michael Elio Fusco. That's when I realized I had only known this boy for a couple of hours. I decided it didn't matter, because all I knew was how I felt, and it felt like I had found my soul mate. We finished dressing the bear in red and pink pajamas with hearts all over them, and walked out of the store holding hands.

Mikey: Here, you can keep it.
Jordan: Thanks Mikey *Smiles and kisses him on the ckeek*
Mikey: *Blushes*
Marie:*Walks up* When did this happen?!
Mikey: Just now. *Smiles* I must have just won the lottery because I've got a million dollars in my hand.
Jordan: Aww! Thanks Mikey *Smiling proudly*
Marie: You guys will be together for a long time!
Mikey: You got that right! *Kisses Jordan's cheek* We have to go meet Jason now.
Marie: This should be fun.....
*They walk to the food court in search of Jason, when finally Marie Sees him*
Marie: *GASPS!*

~Later That Night/ Morgan's POV~

Mom- MORGAN! Some young man is at the door for you!

I came down stairs in nothing but pajama pants and a tank top, not expecting to see anyone. By the time I reached the bottom steps, Madison was standing in my door way.

Morgan: *Yells to Mom* Mom, I'm going for a walk!
Mom: Take your phone and be back before ten!
Morgan: Okay! *Shuts door and walks out* So Madison, what brings you to my house at seven thirty?
Madison: *Laughs* I know I sound like a creeper but hear me out! Every night I go running around here, and I remembered your house was over. Being the gentlemen I am, I decided to come rescue you from boredom!
Morgan: *Laughs* Oh thank you my night in shining armor! I have only lived here a couple of days and you already know where I live?
Madison: *Smiles* Vinny told me, because he has been over to your house and stuff. So we got two hours to kill, what do you want to do?
Morgan: Well there is a park down there, why don't we hang there.
Madison: I don't know. That's awful far for a girl to be walking at night! *Smirks*
Morgan: *Punches him playfully* Hey, I have you to protect me, don't I?!
Madison: *Smiles* Of course. So while we walk, lets talk. What's up with you and Vinny?
Morgan: Vinny! He is a great buddy. *Smiles* Why?
Madison: Just curious. So y'all are just friends?
Morgan: Yep! The bestest!
Madison: Good! *Grins*
Morgan: Why is that good? Is Madison jealous of Vinny?! *Laughs*
Madison: *Smirks* No! It's to make sure I won't have anyone to beat me up for doing this!

Cliff Hanger!!! :O


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