Dodge Ram Vs. Ford Ranger





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Published on Jun 15, 2009

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The Story
Once upon a time in the magical land of southern California on a friends property high in the hills, a group of friends and acquaintances were riding dirt bikes and generally having a good time, during a pause in the riding they decided to do a little 4 wheeling with the only two trucks that had been brought. The Ford and the Dodge climbed steep hills and crossed large ruts, but then the Dodge tried to cross a berm to slowly and became high centered. Now the owner of the property had no shortage of vehicles at his disposal, both running and inoperable, including an old Cat D6 Bulldozer. Which if employed could have relocated the Dodge in any direction it saw fit, but the driver of the ranger didn't see the necessity. After all, the owner of the dozer was down the hill, no need to bother him, and he would have to move the tractor down from up the hill, but not very far. The driver of the Ranger was sure he could pull the Dodge down. The driver of the Dodge was not so convinced. So a wager was made, a tank of gas to the winner. The tug of war was on.

Pt. 2
The driver of the Dodge had a request, a video, a trophy for her wall of shame. All the power in the universe, but no traction. Her long wheel base was her pride, and her downfall. The vehicles were aligned, the angles were observed and obstacles were removed. The driver of the Ranger came prepared, a tow strap of significant strength and length, was produced and fastened to the vehicles. But the driver of the Dodge had a concern, to not be brought before the courts of the land because flying pieces of Dodge did impact upon the Ranger, but assurances were given and proclaimed that the strap was of such length to prevent such damage.

Pt. 3
As your narrator, then as well as now, I must assure you that we assumed the driver of the Ranger was well versed in pulling. As did we assume that his vehicles orientation was no means for alarm, we were comfortable in our belief that the slack would be taken up and the Ranger would begin to pull. The tires would spin, dirt would be thrown, a cloud of dust would hang in the air. A try or two may be required, with a little extra bounce to multiply force. And the Dodge may or may not come down enough to regain it's lost earthbound dependency, traction, and freedom. Assumptions can be deceiving.

Pt. 4
Our party that day had been divided, the lure of grilled meat to strong for some to pass up. So a small collection of onlookers, three in total, two drivers, and a passenger each, were all that were present. Manning the video camera I surveyed the scene. The trucks were prepared, their drivers in place.
Then, the gas pedals fell, a volley of engines flamed, thundered, roared. A ranger, shot backwards, it's bumper, forwards. The dodges tires feeling new life, pulled it from its perch. The onlookers were aghast, hardly believing what they had seen, and again the trucks were still. As people began to file up the hill, the crowd, and questions grew. What was that noise? Where is his bumper? Did you get it on video? The story and film were reviewed by all, and by all again. The driver of the Dodge was surprised when the Ranger flew back, and it caused her to apply the accelerator with full force. The spectators were surprised at what they had just seen, so much so that I behind the camera had forgotten to follow the ranger. The driver of the Ranger was surprised to see his bumper laying in the dirt, for he did not know that it was no longer securely attached to his vehicle. The owner of the land, and bulldozer, was surprised we did not just ask him for help. But all, yes all were glad we didn't. And lest you feel sorry for the little Ranger, do not fear, for the money won was used to buy a shiny new tube bumper. But alas I hear the Ranger was re-possessed a short time later.
-Written By Ash Kellison/Camera-man(11/17/2010)

I managed to get myself high centered on a burm, but watch a person driving a half ton Ford Ranger try to pull out my well over two ton Dodge Ram(it weighs 8540 lbs). Just watch it and it will be worth your time, You will have something to Laugh about for days on end. It might take some time to get going though, but it will be great! Please Rate, and Let me know what you think.



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