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Publicado el 10 jun. 2015

FGS - Innovative Die Technology 40% reduced foundry returns 40% more competitive advantages Using Frech’s patented FGS (Frech Gating System) means that you can considerably reduce your energy costs for the remelting of returns. The FGS is essentially a temperature-controlled melt distribution system which has been built into the casting die. In addition, it is linked to intelligent production process and sequence controls in the die casting machine.

With the FGS you simultaneously benefit from several advantages: It improves the economy of your operations and also quality, by reducing air inclusions and ensuring precisely controlled melt distribution. Thanks to the FGS, the molten metal does not experience any significant cooling or turbulence on its passage into the die cavity.

Your potential savings: - Reduction of foundry returns by at least 40% - Reduction of energy costs due to remelting - Reduction cycle time - Reduction process-related costs - Improved quality - Can be used on standard machine models of the F-series

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