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Published on Jan 12, 2013

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I recently had the opportunity to talk with some of my fellow game journalists at a press event, all of us nursing cocktails and arguing over the current state of our beloved medium. After offering a few controversial opinions of my own, someone interrupted to ask what my favorite video game was.
I found this exchange interesting, not just because of what it says about people's perception of my admitted game pretentiousness (Power Stone is still better than Smash Bros), but because of what it says about Resident Evil 4, a game which marks a serious turning point for the granddaddy of survival-horror. Though many fans were upset to see RE4 cutting back on some elements which had previously defined the series, the reinvented action shooter was truly the best of both worlds, its frantic combat system more than making up for the smaller environments and simplistic puzzles. In short, Resident Evil 4 was the kind of game that gaming snobs and average Joes alike could embrace, and I honestly looked forward to seeing how the series would continue to evolve.
Unfortunately that evolution has led us to Resident Evil 6, a game which in its shameless attempt to copy the popular titles of this console generation, has managed to abandon everything that once made the series unique (save for healing herbs and Leon's bitchin' haircut). If Resident Evil 4 can be compared to a good action movie, Resident Evil 6 can be compared to an overproduced piece of Michael Bay-directed shlock, attempting to cover up the lack of any real substance with a constant stream of explosion-filled cutscenes and thrill-less quick time events. It's not that the game isn't fun, it's just nothing we haven't seen before, this strange bid to appeal to Western sensibilities rarely coming close to the material it attempts to emulate. So though the game can't be chalked up as a complete failure, it definitely fails to live up to the hype, seeming to mark a low point for the series overall.

Many of Resident Evil 6's failings can be traced to the game's most touted feature: co-op. RE6 offers three distinct co-op campaigns (with an unlockable fourth), letting players hook up with friends online (or offline with split-screen) to blast zombies. As good as this sounds, the game has been forced to drastically strip away almost all of the traditional Resident Evil elements to accommodate this new co-op. As large environments would make it easy to lose your partner, the game's action has been forced almost entirely onto rails, leaving absolutely no room for the thrilling exploration of past Resident Evil games. Occasionally the path will diverge, players splitting up to tackle their own unique sequences or provide cover for a teammate, though largely you'll find yourself battling through hallways, blindly following the onscreen arrow towards your next target. Similarly, Resident Evil's famous puzzles don't lend themselves well to a two-player experience, and as a result have been almost completely removed from the game, save for some incredibly simple "put the statue on the pedestal" distractions.

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Resident Evil 6
Resident Evil 6 is a third-person shooter video game in the Resident Evil series, developed and published by Capcom. Wikipedia


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