Minecraft XP Farm Tutorial Easy for all also for server 1.9 & XBoX :) for Baby zombies look a myG+





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Published on May 13, 2012

Minecraft XP Farm, super deluxe Tutorial for skeleton and Zombies XP farm, i hope you like this video :)
for Baby zombies Fix. go to my G+ and see the picture in the top :)
works on XBoX
here i will show how to build an xp farm first in 2D then in 3D and then i will show some of the most important with this type of Build :)

what do you record with : i use Fraps from fraps.com :)
Texture Pack : i make the colors juicy when i edit the Video but now i have make a Texture Pack so you can get the same color :)

what shall the videos Title be ?
minecraft xp farm
minecraft xp farm Tutorial
minecraft skeleton Zombie XP farm Tutorial
minecraft spawner xp farm
minecraft Dungeon xp Farm tutorial
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Easy EXP farm with 2d and 3d explanation (any Minecraft update works). OhJeeFilms

--- problems and solution look here ---
it is the 8 standard error / mistakes :)
1 Be sure you are not in Peaceful mode ;)
2 be sure the Spawning Zone is Dark :)
3 you Need to be 15 or less block away from the Spawner else they will not spawn :)
4 if you only get 6 and not much more mobs then you need to move the mobs more in 8 blocks away from the spawner :)
5 if some die and some need 2 or more hit to kill
the last block Before they drop down there shall NOT be water on :) for they jump on water :) look here 13:04
6 be sure the room before they fall down is only 2 block high, if it is 3 block high it is easy for them to jump down :)
7 let them drop 22 or 23 block down :)
8 if you go to far away they will disappear
9 all Zombies Need 2 hit to be kill :)

with this type of minecraft xp farm
the spawner spawn 3-4 every 25 sec. = 500 per hour Approximately (if the spawner room is 9x9x5)
look at minecraft wiki for more info about Spawner www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Monster_Spawner

--- LINKS ---
links to worlds first one hit kill XP farm :D
Skeleton and Zombies XP farm
Cave Spider XP farm
Blazer XP farm
if you dont know what you shall use all your bone meal...
Full-Auto Wheat Farm (By PearSquirrel)

--- BluePrint ---
or look here 15:28

--- Texture Pack --- ( plz tell me if the color is to much, then i can make a new one )
here is the texture pack with the juicy Color
new with lees Juicy color :)
warning maybe the color is to much (plz tell me it is to much) thank
http://vavo.dk/minecraft/download/Kas... Color
http://vavo.dk/minecraft/download/Kas... Color Dot
http://vavo.dk/minecraft/download/Kas... Dot
the color is to much i will fix that :)

--- Heroes & Generals ---
Beta key sign up http://www.heroesandgenerals.com/2/in...

i shall Remember
... Description
minecraft best tutorial :) hehe

By KaspersMC :)


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