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Published on Oct 17, 2011

Mission Viejo California taking a walk exposes you/me to cancer causing radiation from cell towers and SMART METERS lined up on the street. Using my HF 35C Wi-Fi Analyzer 800 MHz -- 2500 MHz (2.5 GHz) the reading range is 0 μW/m² to 1999 μW/m²

Using HF 35C Wi-Fi Analyzer 800 MHz -- 2500 MHz (2.5 GHz) the reading range is 0 μW/m² to 1999 μW/m²
'Building Biology Evaluation Guidelines' for RF radiation / HF electromagnetic waves (SBM-2003):
pulsed less than 0.1 no, 0.1-5 slight, 5-100 strong, more than 1000 μW/m² extreme anomaly;
non-pulsed less than 1 no, 1-50 slight, 50-100 strong, more than 1000 μW/m² extreme anomaly

The main international guidance comes from the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) http://www.icnirp.de/. These levels apply in most of Europe. Their maximum exposure guidance levels vary with frequency and the place where people are exposed.

Current U.S. FCC levels (set in the 1950's) are set to protect against direct effects such as electric shock and body tissue heating. ICNIRP exposure levels do NOT consider that the available scientific evidence regarding reported adverse health effects at lower exposure levels justifies a more precautionary attitude. This advice now differs from a number of other authorities who have chosen to issue more precautionary maximum advisable public exposure levels for chronic (i.e. long-term) involuntary exposure.

Please join American Coalition Against Smart Meters on Facebook
& Southern Californians Against Smart Meters, www.causes.com/acasm
Visit www.smartmeterdangers.org for more information &
For more information on Smart Meters,

0.1 µW/cm2
(0.001W/Kg SAR) EEG brain waves are altered when exposed to cell phone signal Von Klitzing, 1995

0.16 µW/cm2 Motor function, memory and attention of school children affected (Latvia) Kolodynski, 1996

0.168 - 1.053 µW/cm2 Irreversible infertility in mice after 5 generations of exposure to cell phone signals from antenna park Magras & Xenos, 1997

0.2 - 8 µW/cm2 Two-fold increase in childhood leukemia from AM-FM exposure Hocking, 1996

1.3 - 5.7 µW/cm2 Two-fold increase in leukemia in adults from AM RF exposure Dolk, 1997

2.4 µW/cm2 Interference with medical devices at least up to 1000 MHz Joyner, 1996

2 - 4 µW/cm2 Direct effect of RFR on ion channels in cells/opening of acetycholine channels D'Inzeo, 1988

4 - 10 µW/cm2 Visual reaction time in children is slowed//lower memory function in tests Chiang, 1989

5 - 10 µW/cm2 Impaired nervous system activity Dumanski, 1974

10 µW/cm2 Significant differences in visual reaction time and reduced memory function Chiang, 1989
People are reporting symptoms near cell towers and in proximity to other RFR-generating sources including consumer products such as wireless computer routers and Wi-Fi systems that appear to be classic ''microwave sickness syndrome,'' also known as ''radiofrequency radiation sickness.'' First identified in the 1950s by Soviet medical researchers, symptoms included headache, fatigue, ocular dysfunction, dizziness, and sleep disorders. In Soviet medicine, clinical manifestations include dermographism, tumors, blood changes, reproductive and cardiovascular abnormalities, depression, irritability, and memory impairment, among others. The Soviet researchers noted that the syndrome is reversible in early stages but is considered lethal over time (Tolgskaya et al. 1973).

Johnson-Liakouris (1998) noted there are both occupational studies conducted between 1953 and 1991 and clinical cases of acute exposure between 1975 and 1993 that offer substantive verification for the syndrome. Yet, U.S. regulatory agencies and standards-setting groups continue to quibble about the existence of microwave sickness because it does not fit neatly into engineering models for power density,
even as studies are finding that cell towers are creating the same health complaints in the population.
"Biological effects from exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell tower base stations and other antenna arrays B. Blake Levitt and Henry Lai Received 30 April 2010. Accepted 6 August 2010. Published on the NRC Research Press Web site at er.nrc.ca on 5 November 2010. B.B. Levitt.1 P.O. Box 2014, New Preston, CT 06777, USA. H. Lai. Department of Bioengineering, Box 355061, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195, USA. 1Corresponding author (e-mail: blakelevit@cs.com; bbl353355@gmail.com). http://www.magdahavas.com/wordpress/w...


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