#Muhammad - When They Insult Our Prophet (PBUH)





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Published on Sep 17, 2012

What is the Quran's prospective on reacting to insults against our Prophet (PBUH)?

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I am a British atheist and I started watching your videos in order to gain some perspective on what Islam is about.I have came to the conclusion that Muslims are just standard mostly conservative people with values that remind me most of Catholicism but otherwise are rather unique. I could have guessed that so I may as well have spent to time eating pies for all the good it did me. Either-way thank you for the videos, they are quiet informative. 
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yes you're right
RDDlegacy go and read Quran don't follow people go to the source. May Allah be merciful and guide you. Ameen
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bouya harumichi
i was one of those who used to insult prophet Muhammad when I was an atheist , now I am a Muslim thnx God and i really love prophet and try to spread Islam .
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I'm not muslim, but you speak a lot of sense. Loads of respect for you man.
Liv Beau
DoctorGreen Thanks for appreciating and listening.
The so called West need to see and hear more Muslims with opinions like you.
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TheShinyLunatone 396
,may ALLAH bless you for distributing much needed adv ice
Bayyinah Institute
+TheShinyLunatone 396 Ameen.
Hamza Ahmed
People calling the prophet Muhammad pbuh a pedophile need to understand 1400 years ago things were a lot of different and if he was a pedophile so was everyone else including Christians. Saint Augustine 350 AD Christian philosopher married a 10 year old. King Richard the 2nd married a 7 year old. Henry VIII 1500 AD married a 6 year old. According to Catholic Encyclopedia Mary was 12 when married 99 year old Joseph. Before 1929 Church of England Ministers could marry 12 year olds in Britain. In the UNITED STATES in Delaware in 1880 THE MINIMUM AGE FOR MARRIAGE WAS 7. Also the prophet Muhammad pbuh had many enemies and always insulted him calling him a liar, magician and so on never did they call him a pedophile I wonder why? Also different times and environments affect when a girl/woman reaches her age of puberty May Peace be upon you
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Aphobias Polemos
Dr. Acula [student] God is guiding me to bring death and destruction to evil islam.
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Batu Empedu
You are an inspiration! I follow Jesus yet your demeanour makes me want to learn more about Islam. The media bombards us with negative stereotypes. You are a great example of what most Muslims are really like!
Youssef Tammam
If you follow the teachings of the prophet mohamed you are automaticaly following the teachings of all of the prophets of god. According to islam every prophet is a muslim (including jesus)! peace bro
zepbigfoot bearcove
I don't believe in Mohammed and in the West, we honor free speech even if its offensive.. This said, I chose not to insult the Prophet of Islam anymore because its just plain rude. Its not profitable for us to continue insulting each other because we don't share the same beliefs. My New Years resolution is to become a better human being with God's help.  For me, Christ is Lord and Savoir and always will be but he also taught to turn the other check and to treat others as you yourself would like to be treated.  Muslims don't insult Jesus and I think Christians would be more Christ like by not insulting someone who others consider to be important in their beliefs.
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That smelly smell
zepbigfoot bearcove Jesus/ Isa (as) is a very important prophet in Islam. Not God, but an important prophet. we love him.
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Just think this Man is saying nothing negative actually he is telling Muslims how they are supposed to respond to Non-Muslims insults and still some Non Muslims are on this post telling this man he is lying. Some of you Non-Muslims want Islam to bad so bad they don't want to hear anything good about it ,but then go and say I don't see anyone speaking out against these radicals the peaceful Muslims should be speaking out he is speaking out and telling the Muslims how not to be. Still not good enough
Absolutely. I'm not that familiar with this guy. Perhaps there's another video where I'll spot deception or whatever. I don't know. But THIS video is solid. Its a positive message and an urgently needed message for the Muslim community, which way too often thinks its supposed to be hostile toward religious satire.
Umer Khan
Islam is logical, rational and universal and is based on reason and proof. Christianity is religion about Jesus, Islam is the religion of Jesus! .Jesus was Muslim ( worshiper of One God Not trinity ). Moses, Jesus and Mohammad ( peace be upon them all ) all were Muslims ( all worshipped God ). Islam is practical not theorical. Islam is NOT Mohammadanism because he who worships prophet Mohammad leaves Islam. Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) is the Last Messenger and the final prophet of God ( Allah ) not founder of Islam. 
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