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Published on Jan 7, 2007

X Factor - Crazy girl, she is angry. Enjoy!!

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Almost 8 years have passed since this video was uploaded, she's still not an international superstar. Who was right?
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She was number 2 in Cyprus with her solo debut single.  And her album 'The pink moon' reached number 3 and went 3 x platinum in 2013
Evil Eye Gypsy
+TheSuperSaturos It's strange how deluded musicians can be about their ability. It's almost as if the ones with the absolute least amount of talent are the ones who think that they are amazing.
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Kaylana Alvarez
Man she looks like the ugly version of Katy Perry.
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charlotte 卌
+Eve Sav XD
Yesica Chairez
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good voice, bad attitude
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Seren Davis
I agree with you
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It's 2016..... Debbie still isn't a star.
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Alisha Mahmood
deerinchains u just made ma day😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kayako Saeky
+Danni Davis I'tm sorry didn't understand question. Actually 2 sadly commited suicide Paula Goodspeed and Simone Battle. :(
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"I will become an international superstar in years to come." Hey, it's been 8 years now and...what's your name?
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Teddy Sinclair
+Cloud2 lol
Danny Edgar
+Cloud2 young thug
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Solly B
horrible attitude but she wasn't bad :s they acted like she was complete rubbish. she was fine in my opinion
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I want to execute her.
Kayleigh Volkering
I have to agree with you. Her attitude at the beginning was over the top confident ( though people do tend to say that they want someone to be confident in the end so sometimes it's a bit confusing but still... ) but her singing wasn't that bad. Could have been better but she wasn't rubbish. Also I personally don't believe you can judge star quility in the first 3 minutes you see someone. I wouldn't have really liked them saying that about me if I were seriously trying to do a audition. But remember that's my personal oppinion. Like it or hate it I don't really care it's my oppinion. There are always haters after comments which I sometimes just find rediculous. Did you know I have to put that behind EVERY comment I place on youtube? XD Well just wanted to say that. 
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Am I the only one surprised that SIMON wasn't the one hated?
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Hanorbi Stories
it's because her and simon are so alike. they've got chemistry, albeit a weird one.
The untamed zombie
+TisfatDude0703 is she a star
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Ice Bear
if she was attractive, they would have said yes
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The Doctor Of Banterology what attitude ? In the beginning she was actually nice
Melissa Santhapuri
tim lamb I was just telling my husband how look orientated this world is, I said and I quote "Anorexia and Satanism sells" which is true. You put a big breasted bony blonde acting satanic before a camera and the Illuminati will make her famous and rich. Real talent or even being educated is no longer appreciated in this world.
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Esme S
I thought she was pretty good.
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Spooch Snoogens
+Isabella Pino Yeh but appearance is actually a tad bit more important then the voice when it comes to this, ive seen absolutely awfull people get through just because they looked appealing
Ugh no...
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Syd Walters
Did she really say to Louis " You can't sing, you have no talent, get out." Like one of the judges is just gonna walk away from the show because she said so.
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+Syd Walters the last washing machine damaged card she had left to play. poor girl.
The Muffin Lover
+Syd Walters I know right, he's a judge not a singer.
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