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Published on Sep 7, 2011

The Great Debate! 9mm against .45 ACP! Which is better? Which has a better chance of a one shot stop? Which delivers more energy? Which is more reliable? We'll try to find out (but I have a feeling it all boils down to personal preference)! Enjoy!

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Verdayne Miley
I own both, a .45ACP & 9mm. I personally don't want to get shot with either one.
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Verdayne Miley flawed logic. ... try this logic.....a man is going to charge you with a machete his intent isvto cjopmoff your head ....what do you want to shoot them with to stop them ...a 9mm or a 45 ACP.... it is history brother..bigger holes is better
Doug Poulton
I wouldn't want to get shot with a Daisy Red Ryder. I also own both but seem to be more accurate on paper with the 9mm. Of course shooting paper is no indication of what will happen when the adrenaline starts pumping BP 200/140. 1000 rounds a week fired, muscle memory won't cure the shakes in a social confrontation.
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Serial Chiller42047
I think regardless of the calibre a hollow point will fuck you up..
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David Baker
StuffHub...That's not even what he was saying. It's a popular misconception and somewhat of a joke. Please take your panties off your head.
Fuck this guy it doesnt matter if ur homo or not what a inbread dick wad
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Edmonds Entertainment LLC
9mm only kills the body, The 45. Acp... It'll kill your soul....
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Sean Go
I like it
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I live in the Netherlands. We are not allowed to carry weapons. Not even private security companies. Feel sad for me, please... 😢
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skylixx005 watch out for muslims
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Larry Bentley
No offense but when I advise people on self defense firearms I advise them to go out and shoot. Find a gun they are comfortable to shoot. Because as hit from a .22lr is infinitely better than a miss from a .50AE. I'm comfortable with the .40 S&W or the .45 ACP. My ex-fiance was .45ACP, or my old 1911A1, she was better than I was with the same pistol. There is more kinetic energy behind a .45. What matters is what you hit with. I hate 9mm's with a passion, but that is me. What can you work with? Everyone is different. To me this is the same old argument, shoot with what you are comfortable with.
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Jack Knolls
And double the capacity.
Doug Poulton
25 yards? That's 75 feet. If you shoot somebody that far away you'll have a hard time convincing a jury you feared for your life. Good luck.
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i think the 9mm is the perfect caliber for both civilian and military utilization. The capacity for the 9mm alone regardless of fmj or hp is enough to compensate for multiple or single assailants. It's also more accurate and just feed hp into your gun and it's got pretty respectable knocking power. The 45 acp may have more power but what's power going to do if you can't effectively hit your target. Low capacity and the ammo is also more expensive. A greater knocking power = more recoil = more time to reset your sights on the target. I think there are advantages to both ammo but for practicality reasons and reliability i'd choose the 9mm over the .45 I'm  confident a lot of people agree with me on this. 
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On what planet do you reside? Because it's not this one.
Steve Jones
9mm has way more kick then a 45
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i prefer the 9mm simply because of the larger capacity, when shit hits the fan and adrenaline rushes in, 10 rounds will feel like 5 and 15 rounds will feel like 8. This is what my friend's dad told me and he's from the military.
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Robertas S.
TheGoldenSaber In the 1800s, everyone had a revolver. A semi auto would've kicked ass.
+Chad Damewood I quoted him for his experience in the military, I can't formulate my own opinion on the matter for the exact reason that I don't have any experience getting in a gunfight...GET IT Einstein?
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Another 1
45 is for fagboy pussies. I carry a minié ball pistol.
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Libtards R Cancer
+Liam Wyatt Lol!! Exactly how they sound.
David Vu
I carry a sling shot
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Comparing a 9mm to a .45acp is like comparing a roofing hammer to a sledge hammer! Yes both will pound a nail in, and yes 1 will do it much faster but there is a reason you don't use a sledge hammer when pounding in nails! First the sledge is not as precise "hits on target" due to its weight or "recoil". One will fatigue you faster and so on and so on. I think you get where I'm going with this. You just need to choose the right tool for the job!
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Comparing a +p load to standard isn't really a good way to compare 9mm to .45
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Paul Colbeck, Sr.
TheShocktrauma m
Youre right..comparison is more like .44 sp
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