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Uploaded on May 14, 2011

(Nicks P.O.V)
She tangled her hand in my hair. I could tell she liked me from the day i kissed her in the hospital. My mistake calling her a 'Dumb-ass loner' or something around those lines.
I knew for a second kiss this was to much but two months of waiting who could blame me. She probably thought it was to much to because she pulled back. Her hand still in my hair, she leaned her forehead against mine. She closed her eyes.
As i watched her expression trying to read it, i heard Demi and Joe's foot steps.
She did too. Selena scooted back eyes on her and hands that were now in her lap, she was smiling, but not enough for Demi, her sister, to see
"Hello, kids," Joe said smiling.
"Done sucking face," Selena said.
"Are you two done?" Joe asked, laughing.
Selenas jaw dropped and i laughed. Once she realized that they could see through the bush she said quietly, "Yes we are."
Me Demi, and Joe laughed, and Selena blushed a bright rosey red.
"Is it official," Demi asked when her and Joe took there sandwichs' out.
Selena hesitated, so i would too. Waiting for her answer. I pleaded begged, and prayed to God she'd say yes.
"Uhh, Yeah. Definitly." She said nodding looking at her hand again.
"Let's go back to swimming, Sel." * * *

(Selenas P.O.V.)

"Do you regret it?" Demi asked.
"Not at all," I answered.
Demi was the girly type, her room was filled with pink and yellow butterflies. Her comfroter, was yellow and in slanted letters said Dementra. Her posters weren't posters, just enlarged pictures of her and me, her and joe, and her and dad. She had a white wicker desk. A white wicker vanity, and a white dresser. She had a fuzzy pink rug on the floor which we sat on now and talked.
We weren't like most sisters, we loved eachother we tell eachother everything. I remember when i was 13 she brought me straight to her room the first time she lost her virginity. I was suprised, but i'll do the same.
"That's good," she grinned really big.
"Watch out to much smiling has a side-effect of lip loss,"i said.
"Stop it i'm happy, my baby sister has her first boyfriend!!" she practically yelled.
"Dems tone it down your waking the whole west side of China up," I joked.
She laughed. While she talked about God knows what i studied my sisters features for the first real time.
Demi was pretty in everyway. To me. She had dark brown raggedy hair down her back. Brown eyes exactly like mine. Full lips. Cheerleading body, of course she inherited from mom, while i inheritated most from dad. I was jealous.
"Either way, double dates are perfect now," She said.
"Yes Dems, i understand," i laughed, "Can we sleep now, it 1 a.m. and we have school tomorrow," i said climbing up in her bed.
"Ugh, i guess," she stood up turned off the lights then climbed in bed with me. She wrapped her arms around me tightly.
"By the way it's 1 p.m. in China right now not anyone there to wake-up but the owls," she whispered. i giggled and kissed her cheek goodnight.

(Next Morning)

I woke up early so i could take a shower. Then i went in my room to pick an outfit. I decided ripped skinnys', a Band tee that said on the front "Dont You Jundge Me!" and on the back has a hand with its middle finger up. I put on my Converse and pinned my emo cut bangs loosley to the side.
I walked out the door. I'd ride with Demi but she rides with Joe. They stop every morning just to make out. Think about the awkwardness that'd be in the backseat. I prefer to walk.
I look at the sky and wander if the heavens could fall. Thatd ure be freaky. Guess that's why gravity is a good thing. One for the pros list. Hundred more reasons for the cons. number one for the cons, Selena=Clumsy. Hmm no gravity no skinned knees perfect-
I felt someone grab me from behind i turned to see Nick. I giggled and he walked up beside me.
"How are you this morning," He asked.
"Im in a......thinking mood," I replied.
"Mhmm and what were you thinking," he asked.
"Nothing important," I said though embarressed of thinking such stupid and pointless things.
He tangled our hands, "Oh so were public," he took his hand back," Do you not want to be?" he asked.
"Yes i want to be," I answered to quiclkley and he burst out laughing. I blushed, and he took my hand again.


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