2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ Cylinder 3 Misfire





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Published on Nov 15, 2010

The popular cylinder #3 misfire in 2000 and up jeeps after a heat soak. It's a 2000 XJ, coil pack ignition system, new spark plugs.

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Bill Allan
I know this is an old thread, but since people still run into this issue.... My wifes cherokee was doing same thing but. It would happen without shuting down engine. drive on freeway and ran fine. pull off offramp and come to a stop (idle) and engine flashes CEL. runs rough, stumples etc... turn key off restart and back to normal. I finally found it. The Cam Position Syncronizer... the part that replaces a Distributor on an earlier motor (one with spark plug wires instead of Coil pack). Remove your cam position sensor and there will be a half moon blade-like part... move it back and forth.... there should be very little play in that part. If there is excesive play replace it. About 60 at autozone.... cured her problem. Just an FYI for those having problems. Oh the CEL was p0300 and p0303 
shane dav
I have a turbocharged 01 Cherokee with a cylinder 2 misfire and it starts to shake around 45mph but hasn't ever got into high temperatures, couldn't be a blowed head gasket right??
Jim Jones
did you know there was a 3 cylinder diesel jeep made in the 1960s.
Phil Duff
my 96 ZJ was doin it too when hot
my 01 xj has the same problem. i just don't get it
well I bought my 98 off my boss's friend for 600 bucks. needed some work and tlc, after I fixed up everything I could imagine i still couldn't figure out the misfire on cyl 2. well the first time I took it on a good drive to test it, it has getting warmer then normal. around 220. it wasn't long before the rad cap shot off and i started noticing white smoke from the tail pipe. the previous owner must has severely overheated this thing. but since then I've replaced everything (again). still misses. this time on cyl 5. this thing is driving me crazy. It has 132k miles. my 01 xj has 142k and is chugging strong. I know all about the 0331 head issue, because I've searched many threads online about it. And Wow, I know vacuum switches can be frustrating. Good luck man, i hope it makes it to 300,000 
yeah, I'm fairly confident my 01 doesn't have a cracked head. it's been well taken care of. I just replaced the head on my 98 xj and not looking forward to doing that again haha
dorian gamboa
I've tried the heat wrap stuff and doesn't work, replaced spark plugs and didn't work, I ran some seafoam thru the fuel lines didn't help and now I'm replacing the #3 injector cause it shorts out under heat the heat of the engine after I had it tested so I'm gonna see if replacing the injector helps 
Curtis Davis
Where is cylinder 7 on 2000 4.7 V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee Larado? I'm replacing ignition coil.
Bummer Brooks
A little late but its the one to the right all the way in the back of the motor
Did the thermal tape work?
Zachary Mellott
Mine does the same thing they all do when it happens DONT REV IT the computer panics and throws the car into limp mode and you get a flashing check engine light when it does this just let it sit for 30-40 seconds and it should go to normal idle
How did the repair turn out? I'm having similar issues with my XJ 2000 and I'm looking to fix ASAP!
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