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Published on Jun 2, 2011

Animated video created by Andy (Leffer) Lefton and directed by Fin McAteer. After 20+ years of silence, a long awaited visual element has been created for the bands most recent and epic number, Knight of the Black Sun.

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Alican  Sulu
Desperation took us down Uneasy lies, the head That wears the crown You can't see it I saw the mourners passing by These wicked men Beneath the sulfurous skies Oh what can it mean? Every bell is silent here The hands of clocks are bound And time itself has stopped Can you feel it? The birds are frozen in their flight Trapped within the thunder light A storm is rising A voice within the winter halls Some great secret from these careless lips will fall A star on our horizon See you gods forgotten son Lies broken and alone Searching for a father,he has never known.... From Dresden's blazing skies To the bloody wash of dawn I saw the beast arise And climb upon the throne And fallen angels weep And long for peace, for home Whilst far beneath the ice they sleep These dark knights of the black sun And on the stormlashed mountain high I found the hidden book On the altar of the wretched prince of lies And I broke apart the graven seal And these seven words I read Rejoice, the great god Fear is dead So from the rooftops call it out You were always free Yes from the rooftops call it out And ever may you be
Shri Camel
Rowan Mecke
When you wiki metal genres, see Crust Punk, do research, and discover something new that you really enjoy and isn't popular enough.
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Daniel Cox
Joshua Hayes I think amebix and rudimentary Peni were two bands that got lumped into anarcho/crust but should've been on a genre completely on their own
Joshua Hayes
+Manic Maniac I think that's the route most bands take when there tired of subcultures and music genres. Just so they deliver a message with great music
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Amazing. Must have watched this about 30 times or more. Sonic Mass is a superb album. I need more!
see you guys. i'.m going to rehab. heil satan
This is one of my favourite songs of all time, I put it on when I leave my house n I feel like I'm about to embark on something fuckin epic!
Well said!! 
It's the bit in the video where the sky flashes red and you see the bombers that just gives me chills up to my eyeballs. My jaw was left open, the rarity with which that pure fucking intensity and power rises in you from such an awesome track is such that I want to cling onto this song forever and never let it go. What a strength giving warp of energy and force! It makes me feel like I could defeat any challenge that ever faces me, even a fucking asteroid. Just take off, and smash it to bits. and scream 'Us!!!!'
William White
The black sun, sunwheel, the schwarse sonne is a Germanic symbol of mysticism. Imagery of war against the wretched prince of lies (the Jewish new world order) in the ice covered north with glowing runic symbolism, the proverbial northern crow and Thule symbolism.. Fantastic video, especially from a band of your preconceived political stance.
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And he thought that the band was "red pilled" by 4 kids living in basements spaming pepes over the internet, heh
+William White The singer now rocks a celtic cross on his guitar and has become a swordsmith and is into medieval weaponry. Also look at the artistry and production level. Some serious red pilling is clearly at work here. Looks like they might be moving in a Black Metal or Goth Metal direction. That way they wont have to cowtow to a radical left orthodoxy.
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This is more gothic metal than crust punk.
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they formed from the crust punk scene. many bands in punk have had heavy goth and metal influences that were not as obvious at certain points in their careers.
Manic Maniac
1, Sisters of Mercy, nothing atmospheric about them, and they are gothic rock in it's purest of form. 2, Nearly all rock genres can be identified by riff alone. 3, Folk music is defined by instrumentation and melody, not riff. Some forms of folk don't even have guitar. Do you even native American? I don't know why you keep bringing up folk, anyways. 4, I'm not denying a metal element either, as I didn't say it was purely post-rock, I said it was mostly post-rock. There's also some doom metal and crust punk. It's not  an easy song to classify a song like this, but I can definitely tell there is no gothic rock here. Regardless of the whether abundance of post-rock in this song is predominant, the point is still clear, there is no gothic rock in this song. P.S. please try proof reading your comment before posting. Some words are evidently messing: "...what gothic rock*is." and "post-rock is *not defined".
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Nick James
These guys are brilliant.  They really tapped into some sort of primal creative energy out on that lonely moor way back when, and it seems that said energy is still with them.
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